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The Modifyers by Chris Reccardi and Lynne Naylor

Head on over to Facebook to view a 12-minute unaired 2007 Nickelodeon pilot created by Chris Reccardi and Lynne Naylor. The Modifyers is a sixties spy spoof with incredibly beautiful design in every shot. Gorgeous eye candy – and funny too. Direction and Music score by Chris Reccardi.

  • Awesome! Now, THIS is worth a return to the industry! That is of one has the luxury to be so choosey! At least, we B and C class animation artist can DREAM and aspire to work on a project like this one day.

  • Tobias Lind

    The thing that bothers me most is that there’s a loss of quality whenever people decide to put things on the web.
    The thing I refer to is interlacing.
    I guess it’s mostly laziness whenever the bring the content from tape into the computer, but there are some good tools to bring it back to it’s original form – ’cause I doubt that they animated it all interlaced…

    Oh, loved it (after I deinterlaced it) ;-)

  • Brokenshell

    That was amazing! The people in charge of picking up shows at nick should be fired for picking up vomit like “Fanboy and Chumchum” and not picking up THIS!

  • Daniel Shock

    ah…that was awesome! Too bad there will be no more…

  • warren

    I officially and without question do not understand network execs. That was good.

  • I wish they would’ve made something like this! Certainly better than what Nick is offering these days.

  • That is perhaps the best looking cartoon I ever have ever seen. What more can I say? I love Chris and Lynne’s work and seeing this just made my whole day :)

  • Compn

    thanks, i love watching pilots. still waiting for cartoonstitute….

  • Why wasn’t this given a greenlight? This is great stuff.

  • Huh. Well, it was different. I kind of liked it. But would kids?

  • Funny, I just watched this – – the other day, and was wondering when Hollywood was going to make an Agent 0 movie.

  • Well those were some stellar backgrounds. Haha and the I loved the designs of the little characters walking around the city.

  • doug holverson

    I liked the Steam Punk meets ’60s Mod Spy thingie. Not to mention the Rat Fink knockoff villain….

  • FP

    –Oh, loved it (after I deinterlaced it)–

    Properly interlaced NTSC files aren’t so bad. They transcode well into MPEG2 and look great on DVD. I download and put almost all the Brew posts on DVD compilations. The ones that look really bad are the ones that are haphazardly transcoded by automated online services. YouTube mangles 24P video, for instance, and even makes a bit of a mess from 29.97 pulled-down files. 30P originals look best on most online services – except MySpace, which is stuck in 1996 and forces everything to 15fps, thus ‘doubling’ frames.

    A recent Brew presentation that’s REALLY messed up in Wow! A Talking Fish! It’s like watching two videos offset by a frame or two and superimposed. The downloaded file is 24fps. Maybe it started as a 25fps file and the online version was automatically derived.

    Good heavens, what a bunch of boring crap I just typed. Yes, The Modifyers is too nice to be picked up by a network.

  • jordan reichek

    wow! that’s pretty great…..

  • Isaac

    Great show! Somebody, put this on TV, you’ll be rich.

  • squirrel

    The occasional unaired pilots to shows posted here should make me feel happy. Instead, for some reason, it makes me more depressed on how misguided the industry is.

    ….why am I so easily depressed?

  • I saw this last night, and I thought Chris and Lynne did a great job! The animation, designs, music, etc., are awesome! The cliffhanger left me wanting more.

    Unfortunately, Nickelodeon would’ve just canceled this series. (Like I said, after a long line of cancellations by Nick, THE MIGHTY B! was the last straw.) They seem to hate shows that are not only *good*, but creator-driven. (Note that the majority of shows canceled by Nick were creator-driven shows!)

    And the fact that they passed over this awesome pilot just adds to my hatred of Nickelodeon.

  • The execs didn’t pick it up? Something tells me there’s a “girls don’t watch cartoons” mentality going on at Nick.

    Take it to Disney, Chris and Lynne. Take it to DISNEY!

    If Disney says no, then I know for sure that I am too old to remain in this industry:(

  • Tobias Lind

    FP says:
    Properly interlaced NTSC files aren’t so bad. They transcode well into MPEG2 and look great on DVD.

    Yes it is bad. The files are larger and they display bad on most computer monitors. Doing a DVD of it is ok, since the player usually deinterlace it before displaying it on an LCD TV. So the only way to look at it properly is to do what you usually do – burn a DVD. But I doubt the creators and publishers of the piece wants you to do that. ;-)

  • This style looks alot like any other show on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network (*with a little Ronald Searle)

    The only major difference here is that there’s more “hand drawn” elements, to Flash elements. It’s a refreshing change.

  • Really, really awesome! And what an ending too! I thought the concept was unique, with the hint of influences from different animation shows. It was fluid, and it explained well with the characters front up.

    Maybe it’s still not too late to see it in action somewhere. It’ll be nice if it could be picked up in the near future. Thanks for sharing this, I really had fun watching it! :)

  • “…This style looks alot like any other show on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network…” …That’s because Lynne either worked on these shows, or the creators/designers have been attempting to copy her for the last 16 or so years. No, really. This feeble debate actually did arise during character design, and I decided that “better” is more important than “alot like”.

    Thanks for all the kind words people…too bad you’re not all network execs and focus groups!

  • To paraphrase John K. when he saw his first episode of Dexter’s Laboratory: this is by no means the kind of cartoon I would make myself, but it is absolutely the kind I would watch religiously, tape every episode (including reruns), wake up at 6 AM on a Saturday to watch, and throw a fit if anyone tried to get between me and this show. Magnificent work, Chris and Lynne.

  • Impressive design and animation!

  • Spooge

    Word is that Nick New York killed this pilot. After a ton of fine work obviously went into it.

  • james madison

    Great work.

    I noticed that the copyright belonged to Nickelodeon.

    Question to all who may know –

    Even though the show was just “pitched”, Nickelodeon owns the copyright? Is that a standard practice with all pitches or exclusive to Nickelodeon?

  • I think Nick owns the Pilot, not the concept or characters.

  • james madison

    Apologies. Forget my question. I see it “was” a pilot that was not aired.

  • Charlie

    This is something I would watch, fantastic!

  • james madison

    Thanks, Vincent!

  • Guy

    hooray, a mildly less primitive TV cartoon?

  • Funny stuff. But the credits were its stated that Nickelodeon basically owns everything to do with this little cartoon bugs me. Please tell me Nick’s ownership of has expired, like it did with the Random Cartoons shorts. If no fish bit back in 2007, maybe they’ll bite in 2010 if this is shopped around.

  • …I thought the female lead was hot. Yes, I know how weird that sounds.

    Also, it was overall a very fun cartoon that looks like it might have had a lot of potential. I hope that Nickelodeon doesn’t own the CHARACTERS.

  • Very nice stuff indeed…and somehow I get the impression that Chris and/or Lynne are fans of John Korty’s “lost” feature, TWICE UPON A TIME (1983)!

  • Justin


    Did you animate this traditionally in Flash? (i.e. no motion tweens and limited symbols?) The rat is so slick!

    My only nit-picky thing is that the girl looks a wee bit too Danny Phantom-esque…but that’s just my grumpy opinion. Everything else is stellar, including the music. You have talent gushing from every orifice, sir!

  • Justin

    Oh, and the pushed expressions on the girl make her a bajillion times better than Danny Phantom.

  • Holy monkey bladders, I LOVE this. The rat character is compulsively watchable, I can’t take my eyes off of him. I can already feel myself growing more and more dissatisfied that something with this much character and this much craft isn’t already a show with three seasons under its belt.

  • Hate to be a dissenting dick, but hey, I’m good at it. Quality work, love the colors, it’s another retro-toon. I love UPA art archetypes as much as the next guy, but it’s all that seems to get pitched to Nick. I think they’re feeling is that the look/theme is dated. ‘Cause it is.

  • Elmer Arbogast

    Nick execs may have held the common belief that series that set in time periods other than the present will confuse kids. So keep talking down to them.

  • christy

    wow! WOW!!!!!!
    how does that not get picked up!??!!? so great!!!!!

  • Lucky Jim

    Damn, that is one amazing piece of work. My hats off to Chris and Lynne for continually pushing the boundaries of great animation design.

  • “…I thought the female lead was hot. Yes, I know how weird that sounds.”

  • I dont understand what they are looking for.If somthing this good does not get picked up ,then what do they want?It was great on so many levels.

  • EatRune

    People always say stuff “This is so good! Why didn’t they pick this up?!” but they’ve usually never seen pilots of stuff that DID get picked up, and since pilots are usually different from series, no one ever considers if good pilots that do get picked up will necessarily make good series.

  • Isaac

    TempleDog, I can see how you might compare this to, say, Atomic Betty, but the animation is just better on the artistic and technical levels. Seeing Atomic Betty was a moderate success, why not let something that is distinctly better than it air on TV?

  • Scott Monroe

    Fantastic looking cartoon…wasted on largely poor writing. The plot was kind of incoherant, and you never really got a sense of the characters. A pilot should make the characters and concept crystal clear…this didn’t. As nice as it looks, I can kind of see why it wasn’t picked up.

  • I absolutely love it!

  • OK… THAT was cool! VERY impressive animation – smoothest line arts I’ve seen in a long while, with a funky style and soundtrack to couple with. It seems like a 60’s style of “Spy Vs. Spy”…except with fancy gal ‘guises :D

  • Charles

    The backgrounds and the music in this are absolutely perfect. Very nice work.

  • Epiphany. I think Nick did not pick this up because they already green lighted a show in this genre already by Dave Feiss which features a cat and dog.

    Aww, what rotten timing for Lynne and Chris!

  • Sheila

    I love this a lot!And im turning 13 soon o_o…nick really should pick this up!The only thing i dont like is that the jokes could use some work…i also liked the “magical girl” style transformation…how could they pick up fanboy and chum and not this?maybe the creators should make a web show and it might get picked up like making fiends…

  • Getter Robo