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The Simpsons 500th

Three cheers to everyone involved with The Simpsons for achieving the unheard of goal of producing 500 episodes! There has been a lot of deserved hype this week in honor of this milestone – I especially love the $500,000 contribution by Matt Groening to UCLA’s Animation program, an endowment which will “allow visiting master artists to teach classes” and “bring working professionals with wide-ranging expertise” to work with students. Groening also got a star this week on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All well and good.

But someone explain to me these looney “Simpson’s fashions” (below) which made their debut this week in New York. Designer Jeremy Scott, whose previous designs were inspired by The Flinstones and Mickey Mouse, unveiled an entire line devoted to The Simpsons which – as much as I love Bart – are embarassingly bad.

Regardless, I’ll be tuning in this Sunday for the 500th time and, like these fashions above, I’m sure the show will get many laughs. Congratulations Matt, and to the crew at Film Roman.

  • Allow me to explain those “looney Simpson’s fashions”.

    Somebody out there thinks there’s a buck to be made.

    You’re welcome.

  • Mike Russo

    We’re congratulating the current Simpsons crew for diluting the importance of the first 8 classic seasons with 16 extra seasons of absolute garbage that not only keeps getting worse, but continues to sink in the ratings? How does that work?

    • Plus 500 episodes isn’t all that. In Japan, Sazae-san has been running for 40+ years, has clocked-up over 6,500 episodes, and still rates highly on TV.

    • Funkybat

      I think “16 extra seasons of absolute garbage” is a pretty big exaggeration. Even the bad years of the Simpsons were, on the whole, more entertaining than most of the other new programming on the 4 major networks at that (admittedly dark) time.

      Also, I’d say the show has turned around quite a bit in the past 3-4 years. I’d write off 65-70% of the episodes between ’99 and 2007, but I’d say the ratio of good to bad has tipped back to majority-good since then. Of course, the biggest problem with the show these days in my opinion is the overly-firmed-up character models and animation, especially since the introduction of the HD resolution era. The animation on the Simpsons really shined between ’91, and ’97.

    • Ivan

      When I hear people diss the newer seasons of the Simpsons, I always manage to refer them to a couple of episodes that prove they still have gemstones. For instance, check out their recent Christmas special, “Holidays of Future Passed”. An all-around great episode and in my book, one of the more memorable episodes in the show’s 23-season history. Though they aren’t as consistent as they used to be, they still manage to pull me in week after week.

  • Kurtis Findlay

    While the Simpsons is definitely not the same as it was when it first aired, it still has its merits. I personally think that these past few seasons have been better than the previous several. And whether you like it now or not, a lot of people have worked hard to keep it alive and they deserve a lot of credit for reaching this milestone. 500 episodes is an amazing feat for not just an animated show, but any television show! Congratulations Simpsons team, past and present!

  • Old Yellow Skin

    Now, after 500 episodes, it’s a case of quantity over quality, I’m afraid. All those Barts on those fashion pieces amount to a very bad something, which is pretty much like the past twelve or thirteen seasons of the show.

    I once loved “The Simpsons.” I mean REALLY LOVED IT. I would watch it every day after school. I would quote funny lines from it like Flanders quoting passages from his Bible, and, okay, I admit it, I still occasionally do. I just wish it didn’t make me look like I’m stuck in 1995.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Or for me, 1990!

      I think those illegit tee’s I use to see in flea markets 20 years ago were far more interesting than what we’re seeing here.

      • Funkybat

        I was about to say that these fashion pieces seem to be inspired by the 1990-era “Bartman” craze. Even the design of Bart’s head on the black two-piece seems to be from the first few years of the show. Of course, that’s hardly a knock against it, since the designs that more closely hew to Matt’s actual style are much more appealing than the ones used in the last decade and a half.

        I do wish the producers of the Simpsons would try to move back toward the more frenetic and unpredictable art style Matt Groening originated. I mean, the 1990-era designs, not the very first ones, which are a bit creepy IMHO. Family Guy definitely benefited from the “firming up” of character models and backgrounds, but The Simpsons I feel did the opposite and lost a lot of spark because of it. If it were not for the writers and the voice talent, the show wouldn’t interest me at all at this point. All of the talent of the current artists are constrained by Fox’s dictates.

      • Mike

        My favorite Simpsons character designs are from around seasons 4 and 5. The eyes were a bit larger, the animation more frenetic and rubbery. They all looked like proper madcap cartoon characters (perhaps a slight Spumco influence?). But now, compared to their former selves, they just look stiff and lifeless—much like the scripts.

        Perhaps rigor has set in…?

  • James

    Last week’s episode had a pretty funny couch gag last Sunday

    *The Simpsons arrive home for a surprise party with many Springfield residents in celebration of the 500th episode*

    *Lisa looks thing up in “The Simpsons Encyclopedia”*

    Lisa: Actually, it’s only the 499th episode


    Moe: Well, Fox ain’t doin’ this again.

  • I like the jumper, I would wear that. They’re like kitschy in-jokes. I think it’s intentionally obnoxious.

  • Jay Sabicer

    There’s an “eat my shorts” joke in that bottom picture, although I’m pretty sure Jeremy Scott is going to have to eat most of the profits—I can’t see anyone wanting to wear a multi-Bart piece of clothing.

  • Randy

    Ummm…..seriously, a “model” with orange hair and blue lipstick? Didn’t that kind of go out in about 1981, along with Punk Rock??????

    • Funkybat

      The cool kids these days like to pretend it’s 1982. I suppose for them it’s retro, the way everyone of my generation seemed to emulate the late 60s and early 70s.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Still they can never be 1982, I am!

  • Obviously, while you may know about cartoons and such, you don’t know anything about fashion.
    These designs are what they call….’fierce’.

  • I’m not congratulating everyone involved for the 500th Episode of the Simpsons but I’m congratulating Matt Groening for the Star.

    Also, can someone call the Fashion Police please?

  • The designs don’t take the body into consideration and with no disrespect to children are placed like a child’s stickers with the heads not being imaginatively placed. There is no figure/ ground relationship or understanding of Notan. There is no “design” just product. This work shows Jeremy Scott is less a talented designer than the U.S. Postal Service. The cut of Bart’s hair in the crouch of the pant is the only funny thing about them. So sad, the artist KAWS has done better job with Simpson material.

  • katy

    I want those pants though… (english term of word pants.. knickers…)
    Mmmm cosy.

  • Randy

    No, these designs are what they call…..”reaching”.

  • Ness

    Bart Simpson is really popular with the subculture (read:hipsters) of today, if that helps.