<em>Tinga Tinga Tales</em> produced by Kenya’s Homeboyz <em>Tinga Tinga Tales</em> produced by Kenya’s Homeboyz

Tinga Tinga Tales produced by Kenya’s Homeboyz

This is the trailer for Tinga Tinga Tales, a 52-episode children’s series produced by Nairobi, Kenya-based studio Homeboyz Animation. It will air on Disney Channel and BBC’s children’s network CBeebies, among other broadcasters. This is a BBC video news story about Homeboyz that shows glimpses of their studio and interviews artists working there. As far as I know, this is the first 100%-animated TV series to be produced out of Kenya.

The animation world is on the verge of a revolution in ideas and content. Tens of thousands of artists from Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East have entered the industry in the past decade thanks to digital technologies that have made animation production affordable and accessible to all. As one of the Homeboyz artists says in the BBC piece, they’re gaining experience and knowledge so they can someday start producing their own scripts and ideas. It’ll be really exciting when they do.

(Thanks, Joe Fournier)

  • wow great to see. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to an animation festival and see films from the African nations? and third world countries around the globe. Animation shouldn’t be restricted to the first world right?

  • Being from Tanzania, it’s great to see Africa getting in the groove…

  • Tiger Aspect Pros. is executive producing the series, so I expect the writing and the art direction to be precise.

    The Tinga Tinga African school of artwork makes for not only a great artistic backdrop for a preschool series, but entire style of animation altogether.

  • Karl

    That looks fun :)

  • Very interesting to see. BET should pick this up.

  • Yay for third world animation!

  • Mike

    Terrific to see animtion breaking through from Africa. Love the art direction.

  • Deep throat

    I just heard an interesting bit of gossip that bits of this are being outsourced to UK based animation students!

  • RajeevV

    Well the biggest markets in the next 20 years will be the emerging ones. And in such societies, there is a higher proportion of little people than over here. If the stories are any where near as good as the lovely art, could be a worldwide winner!

  • maria

    its a great step forward and gives us African animators something to aspire to!