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“Tiny Toon Staff” by Bruce Timm (1990)

This is pretty neat: a caricature of the layout, story and assorted production crew on the staff of Tiny Toon Adventures drawn by Bruce Timm (circa 1990). Among the notable names and faces are future Spumco bigshots Jim Smith, Bob Camp, Chris Riccardi, Eddie Fitzgerald, Mike Fontenelli, Charlie Bean and Rich Pursel, veteran animators Norm McCabe, Art Leonardi, Gerard Baldwin, Tom Ray and Art Vitello, Pixar’s Jeff Pidgeon and future Simpsons, Pixar, Disney writer Jim Reardon as well as friends Paul Dini, Mike Kazaleh, Jenny Lerew, Rich Arons, Tom Minton, Ken Boyer, Kent Butterworth and on and on…

Click on thumbnail at left below to see the drawing at full size; at right below for a key to identifying this incredible group of artists. (And if anyone can I.D. #28, please let us know)

  • Neat!

  • AdrianC.


    I could almost swear #36, Dan McQ, was actually used in a cartoon. It could’ve been an episode of Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, or maybe even Histeria!, although I know Bruce Timm only worked on the first one.

    • Green

      That caricature was definitely in Histeria!, I recognized it right away. The character was called “Lucky Bob.”

  • juan alfonso

    Ken Boyer’s caricatured self pops up in several Tiny Toon episodes-my fave is when he’s holding the rope that make Tinkerbunny(Babs Bunny as Tinkerbell)fly.

  • Hahaha Beautiful! I wan this for my desktop. For those who don’t know, here they are again:
    I always, always been fan of Paul DIni caricatures!! I love his “mutations”.

  • uncle wayne

    That is just Super!! I’ll never forget when that tv show aired. THAT much animation….AND (adult) comedy….AND full orchestra….for a weekday show. I was floored. LUV it!!

  • Clint H

    Awesome! This has genius written (or should I saw “drawn”) all over it!

  • Cool!! Why is Rich Pursel holding a knife??

    • Richard Pursel

      I asked Bruce that same question! Guess being a brooding and serious young 20 something at a cartoon studio didn’t bode well then- HA!

    • Richard Pursel

      Just saw this on Cartoon Brew, great to see it shared! I asked Bruce back then why the knife and he just laughed nervously. You’ll hafta ask him! I’m not known to be a smiley guy and I did proudly display Glenn Barr’s Serial Killer Calender for 1989 in my cubical!

  • Tom Minton

    Number 28 looks like Rolando “Rolly” Oliva, a background painter who worked on Tiny Toon Adventures. I could be wrong but I was there along with all the people seen here and Rolly is not otherwise listed on the identification sheet. This Bruce Timm caricature was raided and tweaked many times for incidental characters over the years, in Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, among other shows. Bruce Timm once said that he made the heads larger in this drawing for the people who gave him “the most shit” during production of Tiny Toons. I know that the drawing of me was later instrumental fodder for Ken Boyer to do the Brain character design for the main models of Animaniacs during the following year or so. This whole composition is, of course, a graphic homage to the mid 1930s T.Hee caricature of the original Warner Bros. Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies staff that was done as a studio Christmas card. Today lawyers would freak about even doing direct caricatures of living studio employees like this without signed legal disclaimers. As for why Rich Pursel is holding a knife, you’ll have to ask Rich.

  • Amy

    What a shame the show wasn’t as good as this drawing.

  • Yes, this particular drawing includes caricatures of Eddie Fitzgerald and Tom Minton that served as the inspiration for character models of “Pinky and the Brain.” Bruce drew many caricatures of many of the people who worked at the studio, as did other artists. His versions of Eddie and Tom served as the prototypes of Pinky and the Brain, in that, for the Brain, we added a large lobe and mouse ears to Bruce’s Tom Minton caricature, and for Pinky, we took the Eddie Fitzgerald caricature and added mouse ears, a more pronounced nose, and removed the glasses.

    For the record, No. 14 is artist/animator Cynthia Petrovic.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Norm McCabe is the only person caricatured in both Bruce’s Timm’s line up and the original T.Hee Warner Bros. Animation Christmas Card mentioned by Tom Minton, above.

  • James Ciambor

    I can see he is very much inspired by Al Hirschfield. The consistency in curves, and outlandish expressions.

    I have to agree with Amy, Batman: The Animated Series for whatever reason was much more conservative and less ambitious in its design sensibilities than this. Its obviously a landmark series and one of the principal series along with Ren and Stimpy to make the creators have more jurisdiction over their work. Though I guess I have to be the jerk to say that, if the series was already great it would have benefited even more from a style such as this.

  • I really liked a lot of things about this show when I was kid. No wonder with a team like that behind it!

  • Tom Minton

    Plenty of people will be inspired by what Mike Rauch and his brother Tim are doing right now. (Bill Wray is no slouch at background painting, either.)

    • Hey, Tom, that means a lot. Not having cable as kids, Tim and I consumed a steady diet of Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, and Darkwing Duck among other things when watching TV. Freakazoid and Batman the Animated Series were two other favorites. All shows I’m only recently realizing were made great by some of the industry’s mega talents like yourself.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Kinda sad you didn’t have cable (though I should be the one to talk for not having cable for a short period between May 1991 to October 1992, so I was stuck watching whatever was on TV locally (missing out on the first season of Nicktoons at that).

  • tonma

    I spent the last 20 years of my life wishing i could see this picture in high resolution! Back then I taped that episode many times to try an get the best picture, but vhs can only go so far,… but this is a real treat THANKS!

  • We wish the later seasons of Tiny Toon Adventures were on DVD….

    Too bad I can’t see Bruce’s cariacature of Tom Rugger. But he was a producer, not a layout artist.

    This would have made great niche market merchandise clip art.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I would buy that shirt!

    • We used Tom in a lot of cartoons though… Don’t remember which specific ones but he was definitely caricatured. Most of us were at one point or another.

  • dirty animator

    It might just be my nostalgia goggles blurring my vision, but I remember getting a huge kick outta Tiny Toons when I was younger.

    • Funkybat

      I did too, and I know it’s not “nostalgia goggles” for me, because I recently watched some Tiny Toons, Animaniancs and Pinky & The Brain on DVD. I honestly enjoyed them almost as much as I did back when they were new.

      I find that a lot of animators these days tend to pooh-pooh these shows, especially Tiny Toons. Sure, the varying animation quality (due to different overseas studios on different eps) was annoying, and it was even more centered on contemporary pop-culture jokes than the latter shows, but I love it all the same. Great voice acting, many genuinely hilarious shorts, and if it were not for Tiny Toons, the even greater Animaniacs never would have existed.

      Tiny Toons stands the test of time a lot better than most non-Disney TV cartoons from that era. I rarely feel like cringing from embarrassment when I revisit Acme Acres, which is more than I can say for some of my other “favorites” from back then!

  • I actually prefer TTA to Animaniacs on the whole.

    Why is Gerard Baldwin holding a jug of moonshine?

  • Thank you Tom, #14 is me, CYNTHIA Petrovic. But Im glad to be included..this was one of the happiest times of my life. And even today, I work with some of these people. Ken Boyer first hired me and mentored me thru that first year or so. Priceless learning opportunity on the job.