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Trunk Train

Zé Brandão, who runs Copa Studio in Rio de Janeiro, sent me this cute TV series pilot he made as a co-production with two Brazilian public broadcasters (TV Brasil and TV Cultura). It’s impressive to see the rising quality of children’s animation being produced in all corners of the globe. Countries with developing animation scenes, like Brazil and India, are proving that they can produce shows that are virtually indistinguishable in quality from the work coming out of more experienced animation-producing countries. As they increase their production capacities, more TV animation production will shift to affordable countries like Brazil which barely had an animation industry a decade ago. Which begs the question, if decent animation can be produced anywhere in the world at low cost, will this force animation producers in the US and Europe to raise the bar on their work or will they simply throw in the towel? It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  • Markus

    Looks nice! hmm i cant predict the future but i am sure almost all TV and game animation will move out of America and EU!
    In Eu and America only independent artist will survive who do animation with there own styles and possibly some feature work!

  • Eric B

    From what I’ve seen the Brazilian government is *very* supportive of the animation industry down here. Even if it only raises the bar for other countries in that respect it’s a good thing imo.

    These guys are creating some good content of their own and I hope it gets a chance to compete on the world stage for the audience’s sake. If they ever develop a proper animation school system in Rio they’ll really knock some heads.

  • Dilly

    Very cute indeed. =)

  • Joel Brinkerhoff

    Time to learn Portuguese.

  • Well I certainly hope they don’t throw in the towel – I need to keep working after all. I work in series animation in Canada. (animation director/animator).

    Looks like it’s done with ToonBoom/Harmony. The animation quality does look nice but if it goes into production it may not look quite as good. Pilots usually look great until of course….budget/production schedule come into play.

  • warren

    Nobody’s throwing in the towel, I think. Stakes just get higher and shows in America will get canceled quicker than in the past once the sweeps are in.

    Most American networks are so vertically integrated and with such huge audiences worldwide that the smaller territories creating animation will still – and always – try to sell licenses to the conglomerates’ local offices (ie- CN Asia, Disney UK, etc.). If anything, more co-productions are starting up, and that could result in a real pinch in the LA based tv production. If you’re in Canada, you’re generally pretty safe if you’re on a Teletoon or YTV funded show thanks to the CRTC.

    In my mind, Spongebob, Mighty B and El Tigre were/are really strong, and worth the money spent on them, but only one out of three had a chance. That one who made it was also created in a radically different executive climate from 10 years ago. These guys in Brasil should do just fine!

  • squirrel

    “Wow Mommy! Look at all the animated shows coming out! When *I* grow up, *I* won’t have to move away for SURE!”

    O – O

  • Thanks a lot for the comments. This feedback is very important for us.

    I’m here today because our brazilian broadcaster put the complete episode online, so everyone can watch it!

    Unfortunantly, it’s in portuguese, and the video compression compromise the colors sharpness, but it’s online! hehehe…

    And actualy you can vote on it to became a complete 13 episodes series.

    Here is the link: bit.ly/bDJLuT