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Tucky Tales

Tucky Tales is a simple but inventive example of digital “cut-out” animation. The pre-school series for Baby TV was created by Israeli husband-and-wife animation team Eduard and Nurit Mitgartz. They’ve produced twenty 5-minute episodes at their studio Kipod Animation.

  • The continuous bird baby talk makes me giggle. I liked when he tried to be like the rain cloud by peeing. Neat stuff.

  • Killroy McFate

    I liked this a lot. At the risk of flaunting my ignorance, how was this made? Anyone?

  • Angry Anim

    Very charming and really well done! Has way more charm and appeal than most of our preschool shows… ie “Special Agent Oso” or “Dora”. You can still make a preschool show entertaining without having to talk down to kids. Very cool.

  • This does nothing for me. And Baby TV and a bird taking a piss just doesn’t quite go hand in hand. But then on Baby TV, it probably looks pretty damn amazing because that is home to some of the worst animation atrocities I have ever seen. This is certainly nice by comparison.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are hard-working creative folk on these and I imagine the pay and deadlines don’t really add up but quality control and content control aren’t a priority on that channel – one episode of a show called Danny and Daddy had Danny draw a pic of his dad bent over mooning, looking back like some sort of demented porn star. Last I saw, they weren’t running that any more.

    Funny for adults? Perhaps to some. Somewhere.

    Some of their shows do show some good intentions and the odd nice idea though. But I imagine budget is a major limiting factor.

  • Eduard Mitgartz

    Hi Amid, thanks for posting this.

    Killroy MacFate,
    This is Flash, we just use scanned papers as textures instead of vector colors.

  • Nice, but those eyes were giving me ‘Bathtime in Clerkenwell’ flashbacks even before the dialogue started.

  • Ron

    Does this studio have a website?

  • DC

    This is actually very cute and fun! Well Done :)

  • Artisticulated

    Overall I like it, but it is a bit strange to see squash and stretch on shapes that are supposed to represent paper cut-outs.

  • Eduard Mitgartz

    Thanks for all your comments.

    We don’t have a website at the moment, there are more works on our Vimeo page:

    More stuff is on the way, we are busy with some new projects right now.

    We had some doubt about squash and stretch, and finally decided to use it mostly on the body but not on the head.

  • Eduard, congratulations, well done!

    I’m a big fan of cut out animation and i’m sure this will be a hit with it’s age group.

    *To the folks who “dont’ get it” or “isn’t their cut of tea”, it doesn’t really matter cause it’s not for adults, it’s for kids. There’s a difference.

    Best of luck Eduard, the tectures make this look really stylish and childrens book-ish. Best of luck with future shorts! And please let me know when you have more up, i’d like to see them.

  • Nice work Eduard! Beautiful stuff.

    Interesting to hear you worked with Flash(*vector program) I would have thought maybe after effects.

    I work in flash, and whenever i do a cut out animation, it chugs my pc like crazy. Now i’m learning AE ;)

    Best of luck with future shorts! I’d love to see them.

  • How do you move the textures with the character?
    Do you have to move the gradient as well as the shape?

  • sian

    can i get a dvd of tucky tales as my little one loves it.

  • Angela

    Can you advise whether tucky tales can be sourced on DVD?


  • Sharon

    i would also love to get a dvd of this. My little one loves it and 5 mins a few times a day isnt enough!!


  • nadeedi

    i would like to watch other episodes beside this ELEPHANT one.
    Can anyone help me find more episodes of Tucky Tales as my kids love it very much.


  • dave

    my boy loves tucky tales on baby tv, where can i buy it on dvd?

  • Samantha

    My 5 month old baby stops in his tracks when this comes on. My husband and I love it, we think it is hilarious!

    Very clever………………..

  • Siuki

    My little one loves Tucky Tales, where can I get the dvd? thanks.

  • Luke

    Imguessing we cant get it on dvd?! Such a shame my 1 yr old loves it!!

  • Karly Townsend

    We first saw Tucky tales when my son was 5 months old, we are not big TV watches but have exploring with Mr Snail on series link just for Tucky!! My son starts to bouch and flap his arms like Tucky’s wings in time with the music and has his eye’s fixed on the TV for the duration of the program!! We think it is a lovely bright fun and enchanting show for baby’s and young children. I am a big fan of baby TV and find it a huge help in the night time when tired baby is fighting sleep!!!

  • lorna

    where can i buy tucky tales my little boy is 7 months and loves it?

  • Bas from Holland

    I would like the ringtone of this on my mobile….i love this stuff haha [email protected]

  • paul

    With the exception of ‘Walter and Dude’, this is the most annoying program on Baby TV. The common irritating theme in both programmes is adult blokes making silly noises or doing what they think are funny voices. Nice animation but ruined by Tucky’s ‘voice’. Always reach for the remote before my 2-year old can be exposed to it…

  • Sevengie Spongy Pongy

    ba de ba da babdbeaba eh?

  • Melanie

    My husband always points out the weeing bird, lol. Was this intentional? Love it.