<em>Virus Attack</em> <em>Virus Attack</em>

Virus Attack

Cartoon Network may be trying to attract teens through live-action, but never fear – they haven’t left animation completely behind. Apparently in an effort to sponsor the worst animation in the world, they’ve greenlit a new sci-fi cartoon show being made by an Italian company called Mondo TV (the lovely people behind Titanic: The Animated Movie). It’s called Virus Attack and it’s about five teens who fight alien viruses who turn out to literally be aliens. It’s coming to Italy in December 2010, just in time for the holidays, before coming to Cartoon Network USA sometime in 2011. Here’s a sneak peek:

(Thanks, Liam)

  • That is something quite amazing! The voice work is possibly the worst I’ve ever heard!

  • ZN

    Reminds me of DiC cartoons.

  • Funny, in their credits it says is a co-production between Mondo TV and “SUK”. Go figures.

  • Matt Petersen

    Good Lord its like catoons from the 80s have risen from the dead. Some of the concepts remind me of inhumanoids.
    That narrator was horrid!

  • stavner

    Forget reality shows, _this_ will kill off Cartoon Network!

  • The logo at the end is by far the best part.

  • Geez, I thought the 80’s were over!

  • it’s no totally spies that’s for sure…

  • Ben

    Looks like that cute little puppy has won the war, and reconquered the earth!

  • Mike Johnson

    Oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…

  • Yes, the logo at the end puts it over the top. Planet Earth invaded by a giant poodle virus.

  • haha… and Suk indeed

  • I like the man with intense blue eyes. He may be from Catanzaro.

  • Good thing that they had the studio janitor provide a constant narration of what was clearly taking place on screen.

  • Party Animal

    A sucky cartoon made by a cheezy italian studio?? I think it’s PARTY TIME!!! Somebody call the rapping dog!

  • Mondo TV + Suk = Mondo Suk.

  • Rainbow beams with War of the Worlds ray gun sound effects. Nice.

    Someone clearly pulled out all the stops animating this.

  • So that’s where skittles come from!

  • Senor Money

    um…how about a SOURCE, Jerry? Can you CONFIRM it’s coming to CN US next year???


  • Speaking of Titanic: the animated musical, the page to which you link, and it’s link to the youtubes of it, now also link to youtubes of two other Italian animated versions of the Titanic story (uploaded within the last day) – One of the them is even a sequel!

    Chronologically, it’s “The Legend of the Titanic” (Korean-animated), followed by Titanic: the animated musical (released as “Titanic: the Legend Continues), and then “Tentacolino” (released originally as “The Search for the Titanic”), which was sequel to the first one, apparently.

    Well, according to the YouTube uploader anyway!

  • I wonder if CN will green light any animated show ideas from America anytime soon….?

  • manu
  • The Huntsman

    I sincerely doubt Cartoon Network is interested in this. Chances are they will kill it off at 6:30 in the morning like they did with Gormiti: The Lords Of Nature Return.

  • Ghosty

    Hey look! CN has cartoons again ‘yaaaayyy’.

    Why does this preview make me want to break something, see “Tear Here” instructions on people’s necks, and scratch my eyes off?

  • Erin

    Without the narration, it might be passable, if dull. That voice over really kills it though. It’s like they forgot the “show don’t tell” principle of story-telling.
    Also, hilarious that after that EPIC BATTLE!!11 [where virus-mutant teens will reconquer the earth whut?) it cuts to the company logo of an adorable puppy. How jarring.

  • Isaac

    Cartoon Network likes the idea of kids with superpowers fighting monsters, because it worked for Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and Juniper Lee, so they probably don’t even bother looking past the “premise” of the show. I think “The TV Set” is a documentary.

  • It warms my heart to know chowder was canceled to fund this swill.

  • someguy

    yes. yesss…. YESSSS! the endtimes have come. animation will choke under mass over saturation and creative bankruptcy, the corporate sharks will abandon animation to die a quiet death in the mire they created and the innovators will be able to sneak in under the radar to breathe in new life when no one is looking! the cycle will continue!

    either that or we’re REALLY screwed.

    I just want to point out the themes for this feel very Lovecraftian in spirit. too bad someone threw up all over it and called it a show.

  • in their credits it says is a co-production between Mondo TV and “SUK

    I think SUK is a sister company to DIC.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Actually, Mondo TV did THIS Titanic movie!

  • NoTimeForThat

    This just may have been one of the most terrifyingly godawful things that it has ever been my painfully abysmal displeasure to have ever witnessed, IN my entire life.

    I have seen disgustingly horrid crap like Street Sharks, Biker Mice From Mars, Thundercats, The Power Team, Exosquad, Dinosausers, and Captain Planet come and go….

    But this is by far, the most embarrassing, irritatingly moronic, and thoroughly worthless pieces of animated trash that I can ever having recalled laying eyes on, even when calling those other abominations into my mind all at one time.

    It severely and utterly just depresses me that there could exist a single being alive that dares to think of itself as any sort of individual human being that could have considered this worth green-lighting and seeing through to any level of production.

    Just the mere thought of that, is like a stake right through the heart of my very sense of human decency.

    This needs to die, have it’s only known copy pulverized into burnt ashes, and buried miles below the surface of a landfill that is immediately quarantined, and never set foot on, ever again for fear of it’s remains ever being discovered again.

  • Filmation is now an Italian company?

  • It is really any worse than most of the crap that passes for animation these days? Or in days past? Just askin’?

  • Randy Koger

    Geez….hire me to do the narration. This guy is HORRIBLE!

  • Captain Planet? Is that you?

  • I’ve thought for some time now that Mondo’s character art is actually rather bearable; however, very little of their animated storytelling is original.

  • DevilsAdocate

    Great Scott! This is horrible! This is no where near DiC quality (which by that I mean WAY below)! Please tell me that this is just a terrible draft or something, Please!

  • corey

    What is this 1986 ?

  • Esteban


  • Andrew Laubacher

    (A) co-production [of] Mondo Tv & Suk.

    “Suk” indeed.

  • Tedzey

    I know for a fact that this cartoon will have the same rapping dog from titanic animated, or at least another…BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENT!

  • O Yeah the ’80 are back. I awlays knew that rollup sleves of Jonas are the sign. Now, just wait for G.I Joe. “Kids don’t do drugs and talk to strangers”.

  • someguy

    the worst part is… there will be children that will “like” this show.

    then there will be adults that will fondly remember this show…

  • It looks bad, but at least these Mondo TV guys are BARLEY improving on their wretched Titanic animated movies (besides, those two movies has an octopus with a seal head, Atlantis with a talking fish on a spring doing a techno pop song, and a final battle involving a dog swimming with a lazer gun attached to his armor.)

  • Huntsman – My source for the news that this crap has been picked up by Cartoon Network is from the Kids TV industry news blog C21 Media: http://www.c21media.net/resources/index.asp?area=79

  • i might be wrong, but isn’t this what scientology is based on?

  • JMatte

    Aw man, if CN was to bring over an Italian cartoons, I would have much prefered Rat-Man!
    (animation for the tv is a bit crude, but the stories are fun!)

  • Hahaa..(*oops sorry) Some of those monsters at the beginning there looked like from the RAID commercials.

    Also, the co-production of ” Mondo TV & SUK” made me giggle a bit too :)

    For me, it was “meh”. I guess they figure teens are really into bugs and/or viruses!? I’m not a teen so i dont know.

    Great work CN!! Keep it up!

  • The Huntsman

    Ah. The wording on that does indeed imply that they’re more interested in that than they were with Gormiti. I still doubt that they will give it their full support – not because its animated but because its quality is limited at best – but they do have a decent amount of animated programs scheduled to premiere over the next year or two.

    Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
    Ben 10: Evolutions
    Generator Rex
    Hero: 108
    Pink Panther and Pals
    Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.
    Sym-Bionic Titan
    The Amazing World of Gumball
    The Regular Show

    There are a few others that are early in development as well. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think them greenlighting one bad animated program is going to change much.

  • Someone get John K. He’ll have a field day with this (or curl into a fetal position in a dark room and cry).

  • ellio7t

    The plot is killing off any one infected? There is no cure? No ones working on a vaccination? Eradicate the problem instead of solving it seems like a bad message to be basing a TV show aimed at developing minds.

  • David

    I hope the viruses win.

  • Mark H.

    This won’t kill Cartoon Network, at least not yet. It looks like another tie-in with a totally lame toy line.

    And I think “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flap Jack” is the worst animated show on Cartoon Network.

  • Jeffrey Gray

    As previously stated, Mondo TV was not responsible for the most infamous Titanic animated film (that was the work of Camillo “Exterminators from the Year 3000” Teti), but from what I hear, their version was just as bad.

    Also, it’s really funny that they mistransliterated the name of Mondo’s usual outsourcing partner, SEK, as “Suk.” SEK can’t really even be grouped together with other Korean animation studios, because it’s actually based in North Korea. To my knowledge, only France and Italy have ever officially sent work there (I’m guessing that they permit business with NK).

    Rene Laloux’s Gandahar was animated in NK, but other than that, almost all lackluster TV outsource work (even by outsourcing standards, IMO).

    Ironic that an ironfisted Communist dictatorship would do this; wouldn’t that amount to “sweatshop labor” to those “evil bourgeois capitalists” for their “soulless corporate consumerist” merchandise? You’d think they’d see that as beneath them…but I guess they need some source of income to pay for those nuclear weapons…

  • Warhead

    Oh, you mean the same guys who made that steamy pile the Nostalgia Critic ripped a new one?


  • ….This is supposed to be targeted towards teens?

    You’d sooner find them watching Fairly Odd Parents
    before touching this.

    I personally think this looks dull and unentertaining.

  • FP

    Just another toy cartoon. Narration must be a temp track.

    I’ll buy a virus car toy once it hits the dollar stores. It was cool.

  • Kristjan

    @ Jerry
    I guss that Cartoon Network is fan of your Worst Cartoon program.

  • JMatte

    @Jeffrey Gray
    I’ve worked on co-production projects Canada – France where the work was sent to NK.
    Sometimes the quality was medium, but like all studios there were a few gem animators lurking.
    If memory serves me right, the animated film Corto Maltese was partially done in NK (with a whole story of which I don’t know the details, of trying to get the original art out of the studio).

  • Justin


    I couldn’t help but think Scientology, either.

  • Alfons Moline

    Speaking of North Korea´s SEK studio, I hearfully reccomend the graphic novel ‘Pyongang: A Journey in North Korea” by French Canadian animator Guy Delisle, where he tells his experiences in that country (where he went to work for SEK precisely on Corto Maltese). It is available in English: http://www.amazon.com/Pyongyang-Journey-North-Guy-Delisle/dp/1896597890

  • Chris Sobieniak

    It is interesting where the work does get sent these days. I remember reading somewhere of how shy and giggly the North Korean animators where in animating “Gandahar” since they hardly ever drew nude people in their work (no doubt a sign of the way things are there). Funny thinking a country we’re supposed to hate can turn out some decent work if only for foreign client (let alone not giving the guy’s any incentive to doing something on their own that doesn’t have to follow any set pattern from the government). I need to pick up a copy of Guy Delisle’s Pyongyang someday.

  • Looks lame, but at least Cartoon Network is only airing this as opposed to producing it.

    Must we constantly deride Cartoon Network, but leave Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel alone? I mean at least there’s a handful of halfway decent shows on CN. By comparison, there are barely any cartoons on the Disney Channel, which is really ****ing sad considering that animation is what built the company in the first place. As for Nick, they’re stilling hyping SpongeBob and OddParents despite the fact that both shows are far past their prime, most promising and ambitious shows only get about two or three seasons before being canceled (to think, before Invader Zim, it seemed that every Nicktoon lasted around 52 episodes at least), and they seem to have abandoned Random Cartoons aside from making a series out of Fanboy and Chum Chum.

  • Wow… that put me to sleep before the 30 second mark.

  • http://moneycentral.msn.com/news/ticker/sigdev.aspx?symbol=TWX

    Looking around, it seems that it was only Cartoon Network Italy that picked up this crap. At least it gives me some pleasure to know that CNUS can tell good animation from the bad, even with all its live-action projects. But I honestly can’t believe any branch of Cartoon Network, hell, ANY NETWORK would pick this up. This is Filmation-levels of horrid…

  • Donald C.

    John, the reason no one talks about Disney or Nick, is because there’s not much to talk about. Those networks are so far gone there’s really nothing to be said.

  • I don’t know why people reference Filmation. This is below Filmation quality. This is…BKN quality, actually. I’m quite surprised BKN hasn’t snapped this up yet.

  • “Filmation”? “Quality”? I think that this may be the first time I’ve ever seen those words in the same sentence…

  • Also, neither Disney nor Nickelodeon have “Cartoon” in their names.

  • Mr. James

    FINALLY! An animated cartoon chronicling the history of Scientology!

    I’ve already set up my DVR for this monumental monstrosity.

  • NoTimeForThat says:

    “I have seen disgustingly horrid crap like … Exosquad … come and go….”

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA.

    Exosquad had a complex and dramatic narrative arc which, marvel of marvels, actually ended in a satisfying conclusion which tied up many of the plot threads (aside from the hook for the season that never got made, ending the series on a cliffhanger). That’s a lot more than can be said of many action cartoons from america.

    It had interesting characters who grew and changed, and dealt with complicated themes.

    Lumping it together with Street Sharks and Biker Mice From Mars is pretty harsh.

  • Just caught a glance minutes ago on our NBC Plus station–it’s apparently ended up via E/I syndication instead. And when I did, I thought I was watching Angel’s Friends…which it wasn’t. I muttered something like, “Some Italian cartoon no one’s ever heard of”. (The title’s shown up on our digital guide for quite a few days now.)

    Funny, I checked Wikipedia and expected an article to show up–no dice yet. Either way, give me Busytown or Doug or Hey Arnold!–which are far cooler than Virus Attack may ever turn out to be IMHO. (I’m a fan of those three.)