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Watch The Comic-Con Preview of ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’


Warner Bros. Animation’s Mike Tyson Mysteries is a throwback to the celebrity-endorsed TV cartoons of the 1970s and ’80s, but the comedic twist is that the “celebrity” is a wife-beating, drug-abusing, flesh-biting, convicted rapist. The series, which is scheduled to debut on Adult Swim this fall, was previewed at Comic-Con with the teaser posted below.

The show strives to faithfully capture the vintage Seventies design style, complete with Hanna-Barbera’s no-lower-eyelid, flesh-colored-eyes style. On the whole, the show looks to have above-average production values for Adult Swim.

The former felon’s crime-solving buddies are Pigeon, a man-turned-pigeon, voiced by Norm MacDonald; the Ghost of the 9th Marquess of Queensberry (voiced by Jim Rash), a real-life historical figure who was an early promoter of boxing; and Tyson’s adopted Korean daughter, voiced by the white actress Rachel Ramras for that added touch of racist caricature. The showrunner/exec producer is Hugh Davidson, whose writing credits include The Looney Tunes Show and Robot Chicken.

  • Cartoon Network is back.

    *sniff* I missed you…

  • StephaneDumas

    Hanna-Barbera’s no-lower-eyelid, flesh-colored-eyes style…

    I think I see also a bit of influence from early Filmation cartoons like “Journey to the center of the Earth” and Ruby-Spears’ “Thunder the Barbarian”.

    • Sure a slushpile of nostalgia right there!

    • I don’t suppose we’ll be getting a laugh track with this too? :-P

    • Funkybat

      They really nailed the seventies Hanna Barbera style, I never even though about the “flesh-colored eyes” thing, but that’s totally key to it. I think that look was more or less started by Iwao Takamoto in the sixties, and became the new de-facto look for EVERYTHING Hanna Barbera did until the mid-80s. In this age of “intiontionally ugly” naive-art style animation being greenlit left and right, it’s nice to see something more nostalgic coming along. (I don’t mind if they skip the clumsy coloring errors or misplaced mouth cels, though! God, some of the stuff from back then was sloppy.)

  • I’m going to watch the Hell out of this and so are you.

  • Roberto Severino

    Norm MacDonald’s in this? I’m definitely watching.

    • Barrett

      I don’t know why Norm doesn’t do more cartoon voice work. he was great as Death on Family Guy (and I have no idea why he no longer does that role, as Death has returned many times, but never as hilariously.) There’s something really smarmy and annoying when you have to look at Norm’s face, but his voice, delivery, and style of comedy work great as a voiceover artist.

  • Coin

    “Warner Bros. Animation’s Mike Tyson Mysteries is a throwback to
    the celebrity-endorsed TV cartoons of the 1970s and ’80s, but the
    comedic twist is that the “celebrity” is a wife-beating, drug-abusing,
    flesh-biting, convicted rapist.” Oh jeez, if you despise him so much why did you post it?

    • BurntToShreds

      Yeah, that was pretty nasty. If you can’t say something nice….

    • Barrett

      That’s my only problem with this otherwise hilarious-looking recreation/parody of old-school Hanna-Barbera childhood schlock. I consider Mike Tyson to be a true scumbag, and the idea of “rehabilitating” him in any way is offensive, even if it is a funny premise. They might as well follow it up with an “O.J. Simpson Murder Mysteries” series where O.J., Kato, Judge Ito and the Ghosts of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson try to solve murders, including the murder of the latter two characters.

      I am all for “poor taste-but-funny” adult cartoons, but Mike Tyson really isn’t someone I can forgive and forget.

      • May1979

        Ok, I’m all for retributive justice but this is absurd. The man has paid his debt to society. He’s entitled to a second chance. This is (for all) America, and everybody has a right to make a living. I’m no advocate for rape and domestic violence but neither am I an advocate for ostracizing people. It’s cheap and easy to condemn someone anonymously on a cartoon site but unless you’ve stuck your neck out for someone in a violent situation, you’re just piling on.

        Hate Mike Tyson and practice cheap grace? Don’t watch the show and call it a night!

        Problem solved.

  • Crispy Walker

    I actually love this idea. Mike Tyson has acknowledged that he’s a living caricature of bad decision making, so turning him into a cartoon that he himself will voice is actually a brilliant move.

  • Rind Mipper

    This does look pretty good but it seems too much like Venture Bros lite and I don’t think this will last past a season or two. Reminds me of Minoriteam a bit too. A throwback to a certain classic style of animation with ramped up edgy humor. Usually the premise goes stale after one season like with Minoriteam.

    Then again I feel that [as] is back on track after China, IL and Rick And Morty so I’m prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

  • BurntToShreds

    It’s nothing but a hamfisted insult against a guy who seems to have legitimately reformed himself.

  • Pedro Nakama

    This looks so bad I may just watch it.

  • otterhead

    I was fine with Tim & Eric in the small, late-night doses they doled them out in, but to me, Adult Swim really went astray with stuff like Assy McGee, Saul of the Mole Men, and Xavier. At least Tim & Eric had an underlying concept of found footage from a weird alternate Cinco universe, but shows like those three seemed to be terrible on purpose, and the joke was how terrible they were. It makes me feel old to talk about ‘classic Adult Swim’, but Mike Tyson Mysteries feels like the kind of thing Williams Street did so well.

  • Al E. Jordan


    Oh, yes, by all means, let’s all sing the pleaful praises of the family-centric Conservative Right Wing agenda…”THINK OF THE CHILDREN”…who won’t have even the slightest idea that this program even exists, because, goodness knows, those same spoiled brats have enough in their meager little lives to keep them busy (Video games, Minecraft, Legos, etc.), at least until their old enough to watch Adult Swim. And by that time, this show probably won’t be running on the network anymore (but, of course, that won’t stop them from discovering it on YouTube or on Blue-Ray/DVD).
    Thanks for that, Satorical! That was worth a lol!

  • Funkybat

    Wow, I have to say I’m surprised to see so many Tyson apologists here. I really am pretty ambivalent when it comes to boxers, even ones who acted like freaks during (and after) their careers. But I have to say some of you guys seem almost too eager to pounce on Barrett just because he finds Mike disgusting or unforgivable. The mercy for Mark David Chapman is also rather disquieting. I don’t think it’s the guy who hates Mike Tyson who has the most “issues” here…