WATCHMEN opens today… WATCHMEN opens today…

WATCHMEN opens today…

…but you can see it here first:

(Thanks Chogrin)

  • cadpig

    That’s what Alan Moore sees in his darkest nightmares.

    Looks better than the actual movie though,
    I’d pay good money to see THESE watchmen.

  • Christopher Cook

    Hilarious in its deliberate awfulness. That’s how it would look on Disney XD.

  • This is pretty ridiculously great.

  • J Hobart B

    You should probably mention in the main text of the post that it contains a pretty big spoiler!

  • TheGunheart

    You know what I’d pay to see? Watchmen in the style Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited.

  • Jesse

    This is incredible.

    Didn’t miss a beat trying to recreate the awesomeness & awfulness of the late 80’s early 90’s cartoons. Brilliant. Spot on.

  • Reestus

    This is far funnier than any animated segment ever done for SNL.

  • Good Lord. I agree with cadpig – this would give Moore an aneurysm.

  • Siamang

    You should probably mention in the main text of the post that it contains a pretty big spoiler!

    I know. Dr. Manhattan turning into a car is up there with “Luke, you are my Father”.

    Or whatever.

    (The only “spoiler” I saw was a gag that you wouldn’t know was a spoiler until you saw the film… or if someone told you it WAS a spoiler.)

  • Sean

    You mean, “Luke, I am your father?”


    Uhhh….. Did you make that in your garage last night or what?

  • Jacob

    That was amazing. If this was a show, I would probably watch it.

  • I LOVE how Silk Spectre is now playing with the Misfits. I know those hair colours anywhere!
    Magnificently funny.

  • TheGunheart

    Any word on who made this? The animation is actually pretty good for a fan project, and probably outshines the old cartoons it was parodying.

  • It was made by Harry Partridge. You can view more of his work here:

    He’s definitely parodying a lot of intros, but specifically I think Ninja Turtles, Jem, and Scooby Soo. It has a great 80’s cartoon feel.

  • Nick

    I loved that! It’s exactly how Hollywood sees comics and animation, lol.

  • Tom

    Funnier to me than the cartoon references are the intentional betrayal of the characters and themes in the book, from Veidt saving the Comedian, to Rorschach making friends with the dogs, to the Comedian’s crush on Silk Spectre- these are pretty dark jokes, and funny ones at that.

    Best web cartoon of its kind I’ve ever seen.

  • Lucky Jim

    I don’t think it can be emphasized how accurate this parody is of 1980s animated shows. The creator really managed to hit every stereotype of that horrible, horrible period.

    My favorite bit is the Silk Spectre with the 80s girl band; it’s so perfect it hurts.

  • So how many people who don’t know the subject matter are going to see this clip and then take their kids to the film?

  • Ryan

    My favourite’s Roscarch as the “zany” one. Ha ha!

  • Keith

    “You mean, “Luke, I am your father?””

    Actually he means “No, I am your father.” No “Luke” in there. :)

    This was hilarious! AND twisted.

  • That is why I don’t do drugs !!!!

  • Dock Miles

    >Funnier to me than the cartoon references are the intentional betrayal of the characters and themes in the book

    I thought these were exceptionally well done, too — in perfect harmony with the loopy spirit of the overall parody.

  • Roger Freedman

    Note the scene where the Watchmen are eating pizza — is this meant to suggest this episode was written by a 1980s Mark Evanier (whose trademark is “a pizza in every plot”)?

  • This should be a bonus on the DVD when it comes out!

  • I especially like the addition of the crazy comical mascot, what a great poke at one of the most unnecessary cliches in action cartoons!

    Listen for the Wilhelm Scream at 1:02.

  • Very funny video. I also saw the actual movie today, it’s pretty good, but it’s pretty long. I assume the extended edition DVD will be over-kill.

  • A very spot-on parody of those SatAM shows from the 80s/90s…VERY spot-on. It’s spooky, really.

    Very well-animated. Kudos to Harry Partridge.

  • Bubastis and Veidt – have a perfect scooby/shaggy moment with the mummy. And thanks to the wretched ‘pup named scooby doo’ it still counts as eighties!

  • So dead on. Love the inclusion of the giant mutant squid!

    I think in the comic there’s actually a bit about Ozymandias producing a cartoon (after all, he does make action figures), and this is likely exactly what it would be like.

  • Diana

    I love the scene with Dr. Manhattan in bed with two of himself, waiting for Laurie.
    And Veidt SAVING the Comedian…
    If we could get the Alan Moore Simpsons episode, we’d have an Alan Moore Cartoon Carnival!
    Promethea, Defender of the Universe, anyone?

  • Marc Baker

    That was such a brilliant parody of what ‘The Watchmen’ would be like had they gone through the CBS, ABC, NBC execs for their Saturday Morning lineups. Completely neutered beyond recognition. Allan Moore would’ve been horrified if that ever happened. The addition of the Scooby-Doo like dog mascot was priceless, though.

  • TheGunheart

    Anyone else reminded of this?


  • lol. this is [email protected]#$inc genius. it’s nearly as bad as the ill fated WildCATS animated series adaptation!

  • MadRat

    That’s really impressive animation for a guy working by himself, at home, without pay. I saw this on another video blog were one of the commenters said something like this.

    With all the positive comments about this video there is probably a network executive on the phone somewhere saying something like, “I just heard about this video on that world wide… uh… interweb, it’s called Watch Dogs or something. People are going nuts for it! Yeah… we need to get it on the air as fast as we can. Of course I saw it, it looks like the perfect kid’s show it’s got everything! Except for that blue guy, make it so he cures cancer not causes it. Geeze what idiot makes a super hero give people cancer as a part of the story line?”

  • OM

    “That’s what Alan Moore sees in his darkest nightmares.”

    …This is what Alan Moore will have to watch for all eternity when he winds up in that place in Hell reserved for creators with excessively bombastic egos.

  • Bruno

    This is no bigger an embarrassment to Alan Moore than the billion dollar turkey now in theatres.

  • KarmaRocketX


    After watching this I was going to comment “Well… At least it’s better than the movie.”

    I should have known that everyone else would be saying the same thing.

  • This is one of the best 80´s shows spoofs I´ve ever seen (and it IS better than the movie)… I would love if Harry Partridge actually made full episodes of the series.

  • MB

    Much better than the movie…what a PoS.