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What the well-dressed cartoon fan is wearing this season…

Just spotted on Gotta admit I wish I had thought of this first…

  • Hope the Cartoon Network executives are wearing these.

  • stew

    Thank God, there just aren’t enough Cartoon Network stories on this site at the moment.

  • Ron

    So is any of this backlash getting through to any of the execs at Cartoon Network? (you can put the slash over the word Cartoon yourself- I can’t do it on my computer)

  • Awesome.

  • I’ll take twelve.

  • I’ll take 5!


  • startend

    I’ll wear this T-shirt, or something like it, at the next con!

  • I’ll take seven.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Let’s have a town hall meeting about Cartoon Network reform.

  • droosan

    I still watch Cartoon Network fairly regularly — I’m enjoying TOTAL DRAMA ACTION, THE LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL, FLAPJACK, JOHNNY TEST, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, and CLONE WARS. I even enjoy an occasional episode of 6TEEN and STOKED (they’re pretty to look at, if little else). And, though I was never a big fan of KING OF THE HILL, I have gained some appreciation for it thanks to CN’s reruns.

    I do switch away whenever a ‘CN Real’ show or a live-action ‘Flick’ is shown. But that’s because I’d rather watch cartoons.

    Thankfully, I do have Boomerang in my cable line-up. I pay a bit more for it, though.

    I don’t ‘hate’ the Cartoon Network. I just don’t care for ‘CN Real’. I’d like to see that block go away .. but I still find plenty of their animated content to be worth watching.

  • droosan

    Almost forgot a shout-out for one of my very favorite Cartoon Network shows: Renegade Animation’s THE MR. MEN SHOW, which is shown early on Saturday Mornings. An extremely appealing and stylish cartoon fun-time! ^_^

  • andre

    Honestly, despite I utterly disagree with cn new direction I’m starting to get bored with the cartoon brew complains tantrum.

  • amid

    Andre – If we take the time to post something on Cartoon Brew, it’s because one of us thinks it has some relevance to the animation community. If you’re bored, avert your gaze and let those interested in the discussion have their say. And just for the record, 99.8% of the posts on Brew (yes, I did some rough math) have nothing to do with the issue of CN programming. There’s plenty of variety for everybody.

  • Karma

    No, amid.


    Andre is absolutely right. All of this bitching has reached WELL past the point of getting incredibly old.

    Now it’s just stomping the innards out of what remains of a previously beaten dead horse.

    No matter how you may try to stick up for it with this “It’s a free country its our site we’ll post whatever we want” crap, the fact remains that you have a duty to comes across as professional in the stories you continue to offer as “newsworthy” instead of a constant parade of ceaseless 7-year old mentality whining every other could of minutes on the same beaten-into-the-ground subject.

    This is one of those rare times that even when I totally agree with the general opinion you are putting out, that nevertheless, with each and every dead-horse-flogging, self-masturbatory “news story” I see about this, you lose more and more and more and more of my respect.

    Cartoon Network is airing television shows now. Animation fans hate this. Ratings are at an all time low.

    And you know what? WE GET IT.


  • There must be something we turkeys can do to bring back the glory days of thanksgiving as it used to be.

  • Steve Gattuso

    o rly?

  • Man. I’m really angry about CARTOON Brews new direction. I used to come here for posts about Cartoons, not T-shirts. Maybe it should be called T-shirt Brew. Those assholes need to stop listening to the numbers, and get back to what used to make CARTOON Brew great. CARTOONS! Maybe it should be called Twitter Brew, or Old Photos of Stuff Brew, or, like, The Absense of Cartoons Brew.


    Seriously though, that strikethrough thing has gotten real old, guys.

  • stew

    Maybe there should be a sub-forum for all the CN whiners *yawn*, and leave the main site for actual cartoon news? Just a thought.

  • Oluseyi

    Two of the four most recent posts are fairly infantile reactions to CN Real – one literally a quotation of a child.

    It’s a shame what’s happening with Cartoon Network, but unless there’s newsworthy or insightful commentary to share, I’d much rather read stuff like the excellent review of Beanie & Cecil Vol 2, the vintage cartoon ads or the JohnK and Plympton animation schools – thanks for that!

    Your math, though, seems wrong. The question is not what proportion of posts on the Brew, overall, are unrelated to Cartoon Network programming, but what proportion since the announcement of CN Real. In any case, the Cartoon thing is old, and about as lame as petulant nerds who insist on referring to Microsoft as “M$”.

    Love the Brew, so let’s keep it classy, just like it always has been. Cheers!

  • Cartoon Network was once an important programming outlet for kids, as well as for adult animation fans and professional animators. To watch it self-destruct before my eyes is particularly painful for me – as I was part of the network’s advisory board in its first year, wrote several ToonHeads specials throughout the years, was occasionally a consultant and had many great friends who worked there. Now, an old colleague of mine, Stu Snyder (we worked together for several years when we both started out, at MGM/UA) is in charge – and responsible for its current down turn.

    Cartoon Network played an important part in the animation community. In addition to creating many series and pilots, and employing hundreds of animators, the channel bankrolled the Platform Animation Festival in Portland in 2007, and sponsored other International festivals, as well as Asifa-Hollywood.

    It may be down, but it isn’t out. There is still a chance to save the channel. If we say nothing, nothing will happen. So we’ll report on CN’s ratings, policies and latest moves, and we’ll do it because we don’t want to lose this valuable asset to our community. The folks running the place need to hear from their audience – us – whether we fit into the demographics or not.

  • stew

    I watch all my animation online or buy dvds, I don’t need a dedicated tv channel like you had in the old days. Y’all need to move on, this whining is beyond boring now.

  • Wow, people are upset because this site posts about CN’s downward spiral of fewer cartoons? So friggin’ what.

    Jerry is right. The animation community (and this site is a part of that community) needs to call this stuff out to inform those who may not be aware of what’s been going on. And to bring the message to (hopefully) the suits @ CN that — gee, maybe your content should reflect the name of your network. THE MORE ATTENTION PAID TO THIS EGREGIOUS RETARDATION/TREND, THE BETTER, IMO.

    You’re not going to love everything you find on Cartoon Brew or any other site for that matter.

    It’s like a radio station, if you don’t like the fact that they spin a Michael Jackson track every couple of hours, tune to another station. You don’t like an article on Cartoon Brew, skim to the next article. If you don’t like any of those, leave for Christ’s sake.

  • King Nope

    Please stop whining about the whining.
    You may not realize this, but it’s roughly 23 times as irritating as the original complaints.

  • Terry

    Last I looked this was Jerry and Amid’s blog, so they can post what they like. If you don’t like it don’t watch, er, read it.

    All this blogging is fine up to a point, but if we really want to get Cartoon Network’s attention, we need a campaign ala the Save Farscape campaign (which technically didn’t save Farscape, but it did get us the mini-series).

    At the very least, we can send post cards to Cartoon Network (well written letters are good too). Physical beats electronic every time. Thousands of post cards with ‘Save our Toons’ (or something actually pithy) might get their attention. Hurting their bottom line never hurts, post carding their advertisers is also an idea (threatening not to buy their products and then following through). Of course, none of these work unless enough people care enough to get involved and make the effort.

  • Jamie B

    Keep going, guys; I agree that what you’re both blogging about is pretty darn important!

  • Johnny

    “Last I looked this was Jerry and Amid’s blog, so they can post what they like. If you don’t like it don’t watch, er, read it.”

    Can’t that also be applied to Cartoon Network itself? The best way to show you don’t like CN Real is to not watch it and keep the ratings low. However none of this really matters, your letters, your complaints, your viewings, any of it. The fact of the matter is you’re not their demographic so they’re not interested in pleasing you.

    Also, I’d be less opposed to all the stories about Cartoon Network if they were handled with tact like Jerry’s last post above. I think what gets annoying is that “Ha! We told you it would fail! You’re so stupid!” attitude that comes across in all these posts.

    Lastly can I please point out that “CN Really?” is neither clever nor funny. We can do better than that can’t we?

  • Blake

    Hmm… there are rather more pressing things in the world I would campaign about before getting all bug-eyed over the quota of cartoons a cable tv channel broadcasts, or forking out for some crappy t-shirt.

    Hopefully they’ll just change the name to the Children’s Network sooner rather than later to avoid upsetting the terminally confused here any further, and this site can maybe go back to reporting real cartoon news for a change.

  • Oluseyi

    I agree that Cartoon Network had and has an important place in the animation community, and I agree that what is happening over there is distressing. I would like more insightful and contemplative coverage of that, as well as any sensible/mature campaigns to turn the state of affairs around.

    However, a blog post covering someone’s “cnREALLY” t-shirt? A blog post about Ward’s 12-year old’s daughter’s thoughts, re-Tweeted? I feel that is letting the superficial trappings of outrage overwhelm the essential matter at hand.

    One of the things that I like about Cartoon Brew is its editorial voice, its tone. In a world saturated with perpetual faux anger or ridiculous, saccharine hype, the Brew is steady, charming, polite. I love that. I love it so much that I check the Brew several times a day, on average, manually (because RSS subscriptions feel like chores). What I’m saying is that while a criticism of Cartoon Network’s “CN Real” strategy as well as the overall direction of the network is perfectly valid, some of the items being published under that rubric are beneath you.

    That’s all.

    I think we should learn more from the Jericho fans, who actually managed to save their show! :-)

  • Mike Russo

    It’s a blog. Jerry and Amid can say whatever the hell they want to.

    Keep up the good fight guys.


    Another take on it though similar, this one made it to the front of Digg today, so this issue is getting legs.

    I can definitely see where the pressures are coming from, ethics aside, its a business, a business which serves a market. That said CN is not reading the data right. They want to be Disney and Nickelodeon, they want to do it on the cheap, thats where reality shows come in. Nickelodeon had a time very similar to this, remember Double Dare and other such game shows? In the late 80’s early 90’s game shows were all the rage, they are also really cheap, all you have to do is pay out a prize probably worth no more than $20K per episode and a host. Much cheaper than the $100K+ a animated show costs per episode.

    The problem was the ratings on these shows dropped and eventual the trend ended. I hope that cooler and more intelligent heads will prevail and Cartoon Network will return to its roots.

  • It really is ironic I think.. that Disney is going back to it’s roots and now Cartoon Network has turned it’s back. Animator’s and Animation fans are scared and (pardon the language) PO’d about the whole thing.. so… who really do they have left?

    It’s pretty much a mockery – and a joke…It’s not even worth the money for them.. and WONT get them anywhere in the long-run.

    Jerry Beck knows what he’s talking about and fans know what they like, and this is a blog that’s meant to be posted on in any way the author feels like.. and there isn’t anything anyone can do about any of it.

    Cory Ag

  • Chris Sobieniak

    What Jerry said I can also second as well. CN used to mean something back when it first started. Prior to it, seeing a channel devoted to animation wasn’t the norm on cable TV outside the few hours a day allotted to it. I was 15 when CN first started in October of ’92, but it would not be until around January of ’94 when my local cable operator added it to their service (don’t remember if I called them up and said “Toon In!” though).

    It was like a dream come true for me at a time when such a concept seemed far away from fruition. I think the thing that would’ve been great for the channel is if it had gone the route of recognizing other forms of animation besides the commercial/mainstream properties available to them. “O Canada” was a start, and a nice way to watch such films that often were only ever seen once in a while on HBO during movie breaks. I wanted more of that sort of thing that would’ve been great during the late hours instead of what it became with Adult Swim.

    Today CN seems to have gotten into catering to a supposed audience I want to not believe is there with the reality/live-action stuff they’re dishing out. The genre that seems to be affecting cable channels these days is a sort of pre-teen/teen variety mix that doesn’t include much in the way of animation at all, and is brought on by corporate tastes and focus-grouped ideas. The manufactured programs are obviously meant to bait these people in if not offend former lovers of the channel (especially us). It’s glad to hear the ratings of these news shows are terribly down, and I hope it stays that way, since CN really shouldn’t be going in this direction (why can’t they siphon that off at TNT or TBS, those channels still have some blood left).

  • Wanna know what we want to read on Cartoon Brew ? UPDATES ABOUT FREAKY FLICKERS !!! Was it hoax ? Was it real ? When will we see this amazing movie ?

  • While I have to admit that some of the shows are somewhat unwatchable (due to the fact that I’m out of their target demographic) and it’s starting to feature shows that aren’t of the animated variety, CN still does feature a nice collection, but I’m not sure for how long.

    Granted, it is starting to stray from its original purpose, but what ‘specialty’ channel hasn’t these days? Look at MTV or VH1. I can’t even remember the last time I saw anything music-related on those channels.

    It’s just a ploy to diversify their offerings a bit in the name of ratings. Selling out? Yeah. Sort of. But I can’t really complain, after all, it’s public media, and that, on the whole, is getting dumbed-down and diluted more and more each year. Feh.