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“Yoohoo and Friends”

Is this for real?

Apparently it is — and it was created by David Feiss (Cow & Chicken, I Am Weasel). Flava Flav as a blue Viking named “Father Time”? Five evil executives who become cute l’il furry animals? Insane premise or a genius attempt at postmodern comedy? You decide.

(Thanks, Cameron Archer)

  • Tee

    It feels kind of late 80’s- early 90’s, doesn’t it? They’re a little late on the Flava Flav bandwagon too. Hm.

    Is that Chris Hardwick’s theme song? If not, it’s as awful as his theme songs usually are. He relies on that “stuffing words into a line that run on and don’t rhyme” shtick.

  • Where was this during my childhood?

  • Donald C

    It’s based on a Korean animation of the same name I believe.

    • Iritscen

      ^ I thought this comment must be a joke until I saw the actual Korean version on YouTube under related videos. I guess that explains why Feiss’ crazy style is totally absent in the designs of the widdle fuwwy animals. Yeah, so apparently this is some kind of bizarre Frankentoon.

  • Erm, it looks….interesting. The theme tune’s pretty cool. Only two things seriously bug me about this concept:

    – the animation. Needs more frame-by-frame (streamlined, even!) and less tweening. Having looked at the other shows on the Toon-Zone Project site, it would really help to have at least ONE cartoon with better-looking animation instead of cutting corners everywhere. Helps to make it stand out more. That and I’ve really been used to seeing Feiss’s cartoons look so…animated.

    – the character designs. The lil’ YooHoo-whatevers look, dare I say, far too “cute” and less “Feiss”. They seriously do look out of place compared to Mother Nature and Father “Flav” Time’s designs here.

    The only saving grace for this show, I think, is if the writing remains stronger than the animation. And this being Feiss, and with such ideas as “giant panda catching fly strip”, there’d be no worries with the scripting here… =)

    • andrew

      Way to miss the point Chris.

      Apparently, Feiss got saddled with the task of ‘rebranding’ the toyline “YooHoo and Friends” for an American TV show, and he sarcastically pitched the most hilariously ridiculous thing imaginable. The fact that it actually got picked up makes the entire thing a brilliant Andy-Kauffman-esque prank on the universe. Nitpicking the animation is like talking about the cinematography in Borat. The designs “looking out of place” is what makes this HILARIOUS!

      This is PURE GENIUS! CartoonBrew commenters officialy don’t understand comedy.

      • 2011 Child

        How would Brewers get the joke if they have NEVER HEARD OF THE TOY LINE YOOHOO AND FRIENDS TO BEGIN WITH? Me, for example.

      • Man, /I/ got the joke before learning about the original toy line. It works great as a parody of cartoons like Captain Planet and Care Bears.

      • I heard the name “Dave Feiss” and I knew there was more than meets the eye.
        Dave is the man.

    • Anonymous cause i’d like to keep my job

      Does no one have something to say about the actual “concept”?

      Are you kidding me man??? (*men, ladies, whatever..haha)

  • bomberblue


    wait. what?

  • bomberblue
  • huh.


    that franchise certainly did a 180.

  • marcoshark

    For a second there Jerry, I saw the title only and thought it was about my Favorite Chocolate Drink!

    (Seriously, I’d love to see how this was pitched. I mean are they just throwing plot basics into a hat and just pulling out 5 random ideas?!?)

    • Anonymous cause i’d like to keep my job

      The execs saw their cute selves up on a drawing board, turning into cute little furry animals and BOOM…. SOLD! Here’s 5 million!

  • Aj

    All in all, I’d rather not.

  • This is certainly a surprise. I thought David was doing a movie called Hotel Transylvania. What the heck happened to that?

    • mike birtwistle

      i think thats still in production, but they replaced him with a new director

      • Sardonic Tuba

        Who was then replaced by a new director, who was then replaced by a new director, who was then replaced by a new director… GO SONY!!!!

  • If this lives up to the crazy theme song I’ll watch it every day. If it turns out more like that clip posted by bomberblue… I will not.

  • I LOVE David Feiss’ work but this just looks….weird to me. Not in a good way, either. I like how Feiss draws humans, they almost have a Gary Larson quality to them, but the cutesy little animals clash terribly (they’re based off the stuffed toys, aren’t they?).

    I like the animation (it is Feiss, after all) so I may give it a shot but this just looks like something from the dark era of animation, when the medium was for little more than to sell toys.

  • Derik

    This is what makes the Koreans to go to war with the States.

  • ovidiu nedelcu

    i would watch that.


  • I saw this a month ago.
    I was on the internet and then was wondering
    “Hmmmm….I really miss David Feiss’s work.” Then I did some research, and then this came up. And then I was disappointed, because this plot looks stupid. Executives turning into little cute critters? Really?
    Then again….he has made weird stuff before. But this feels so..uncharacteristically merchandise-able of him.
    I wonder if this will ever air. Action Dad was produced by the same company, and we never heard anything from that property again.

  • Allow me to explain. It’s called “Yoohoo and Friends”, but the host is not Yoohoo, it’s Flava Flav playing a blue viking called Father Time. His main squeeze is a guy in a blond wig called Mother Nature. If he doesn’t chase down some happy lemurs and get back some jewels, he has to sleep on the couch. Only they’re not really lemurs, they’re Wall Street and oil execs who have already destroyed the earth for money. Yoohoo is one of those lemurs, but not star of the show. But it doesn’t matter, because the Earth is already destroyed anyways.

    I think that’s it.

    • Cyber Fox

      Climate Change Propoganda for the kids, need i say more?

    • Ariel

      Thanks for the explanation Janet.

      Though, it still doesn’t explain why this show sucks ;)

  • Ugh, the dated and overused Flava tag lines are seriously painful. Yeah, they were cute, IN 1988! But now seeing him still using the exact same schtick is just sad.

    I’ve got to agree with Christopher too, the designs in the show (certainly the factory in that one shot) all seem to match the style of Father Time, etc., which makes it look like the cute characters just wandered in from another series. Which, of course, they did, gaining voices (remember Matt Frewer’s Pink Panther?) and backstories that highlight just how different the designs are.

    Somehow, I can’t see this selling a lot of toys.

    • I completely disagree. Sticking in Flava tag lines in 1988 would be seriously painful. Using them in 2011? Comedy gold!

  • Gray64

    Well, why not? Flava Flav is pretty much a bad cartoon anyway. This could actually be VERY funny if the furry little animals kept their evil executive personalities.
    Wonder if Seymour Buttz will show up?

  • Toonio

    Ok I’ve got the idea of four of the executives: Nbc, Abc, Cbs & Fox. Now who the 5th is I don’t know.

    Flavor Flav as a cartoon character got to be the best casting ever made!

  • Lemuel

    Flava Flav makes a better cartoon than M.C. Hammer did.

  • Sprocket

    From what I’ve gathered, YooHoo and Friends were a typical line of cutesy animal plush toys marketed in Asian countries, and it even has it’s own cartoon already in Korea.

    It just happens that someone decided to take the designs and add in a healthy dose of David Feiss, hence the disjointed design styles. It’s certainly a pretty nutty way to adapt a franchise to fit US tastes, that’s for sure.

  • Marie

    I like the idea of the executives being punished for crimes against the planet but after that, it’s all downhill.

    • David Nethery

      I think a show about animation execs being punished for crimes against animation would be a good premise for a show.

      • Ariel

        Crimes against “animation”. That’s what this is.

        You hit the nail on the head.

        Though in the end, these execs don’t get caught, they profit from cuddly cute animal merchandise.

  • This…Honestly, it makes me ask myself how this guy managed to convince Star Trek’s Michael Dorn to provide a voice to one of his shows.

    Still, I would like to see “Captain Planet” try something like this. (Although to be fair, they once had handle-bar mustached Hitler manage to weaken the title character with his prejudice and bigotry.)

  • TheGunheart

    I honestly have to wonder who their target audience is. I don’t see fans of David Feiss being particularly interested in an environmental cartoon about cuddly animals, and I’m not sure the kids who buy the cuddly animals are going to like the idea that it’s actually an transfigured corporate exec…

  • tedzey

    This feels like the most direct parody of Captain Planet, and yet why does it feel strange that i’m the only one to point it out?

  • Baron Lego

    Can’t tell yet if this is cool or annoying. I’ve got to see more than just an opening to be certain.

    • Jose

      Are you serious man??? :o

  • Austen Davis

    I have no idea what to think of this.

  • Alissa

    Aren’t there enough obsessively cute franchise critters already? Between My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, those squishy thingys, Beanie Babies and Webkinz and I don’t know what else the market is awfully saturated.

  • rghbr

    What the hell is this crap? The show itself has nothing to do with him… I saw a little potential when I saw the beginning animation… but the show itself is retarded.

  • I cannot help but feel that they just blew the entire budget on the opening sequence.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    My response, as stated by the Nostalgia Critic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2xDJPc-yaM

  • Michel Van

    YEEESSSSS David Feiss is back !

    i hope they Yaahoo&frends is so insane funny like Cow & Chicken, I Am Weasel
    wat i and my german friends consider a 1980 cult classic animation serie

  • Lucy

    Wow… This… Wow.

    I… I think I’m speechless. This whole… Thing, is so strange :,D I’ve got to show my friends….

  • 2011 Child

    BUT… but that’s not Father Time! That’s a Viking! Why is his skin blue again? How creative is including corrupt executives in the show? Why is collaborating with Flava Flav?! Why? How?! What!? GAH!

  • Unfortunately, it is true. I love David Feiss’ work, but the ‘Yoohoo’ cartoon is from the company that did that awful video about making profits off of cartoons like the 80’s (but changed their company name – you can also tell because of some of the other cartoons that the company owned is on their site; like ‘Action Dad’). Although this does look comical, yet terrible at the same time, I’m actually sickly looking forward to seeing the outcome of this.

  • Whoa, what the hell?! I don’t think eating those funny looking mushrooms was a good idea…

  • Jorge Garrido

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen involving animated cartoons.

  • Teafly

    Anything that gets Flava-Flav closer to children is a horrible, horrible thing.

  • Jerry P.

    I just realized that the trade show calendar from Animation Magazine has this show as the image for January. “Worldwide amimated TV series 52 × 11 min. available 2011.”

  • joecab

    David Feiss is awesome.* So is this.

    * only exception was that Pink Panther short .. bleh! But that was mainly because he spoke.

  • I was waiting for it to cut back to a proud Tracy Jordan and a disgusted Liz Lemon, but..

  • I can’t wait for the inevitable reality show follow-up, with those five cutesy critters competing for canoodling-rights with Father Time…boyeee!

  • Lucy

    I was right. I’ve been sending this to my friends, along with other information to let them know that it’s real, and they still refuse to believe that this is going to exist!

    • Funkybat


      8-10 years ago, I probably would have shared their disbelief. These days, I have ceased to be surprised by ANYthing that gets approved for broadcast or mainstream distribution via the web. With my generation coming into power over society, everything has gotten quite bizarre. Nostalgia now runs on a 10-15 year cycle rather than 30. Entertainment derived from discomfort and cognitive dissonance is becoming the norm.

      Stuff that was dismissed as garbage when it was new, buried as toxic waste when it’s 15 minutes were up, and pretty much forgotten after that, has been rising from the grave due to hip ironic “humor” or attempts therof. I keep waiting for a “Denver, The Last Dinosaur” or “Yo Yogi!” reboot.

      Some of this meta-nostalgia works, like the Scott Pilgrim comics and film. A lot of it is just bizarre. When I saw ads for Old Spice that featured Ray Lewis riding a raven puppet into space, and said puppet proceeds to fire lasers from its eyes to destroy a planet, I concluided the next stop on this crazy train we call pop culture is probably something resembling either “Idiocracy” or “Altered States.”

  • Kyle Maloney

    I really don’t know what to think of this. upon my first two times watching the opening I hated it. I went and saw clips of the show this is based on. too cute. in a bad way.

    Yet, I keep watching the opening over and over. I think I love it now. but I don’t think the actual show will be like that at all. I want a show in the style of the humans, not the critters. the two styles completely clash.

    Flavaflave…I can’t stand the guy but it could work. maybe.

  • LOVE IT!!!

  • they stole my idea, only I had Chesney Hawkes rather than falvour flav

  • celia

    Does Flava Flav actually say “what’s up Nick Jr?” at the beginning of the clip? Good luck with that show!

    • Planty

      He actually said “Mib Jr”

      • MIPJunior. The video’s aimed at prospective television executives who might want to buy the show.

        Needless to say, this video hints at every executive’s fear of being transformed into some toyetic, cute, jewel-hoarding animal. YooHoo and Friends might not get sold for this very reason.

  • Annie

    Woah,I think I saw onw of those furry critters as a stuffed toy at a local shop some time ago.That’s just kinda creepy(That I’d find that sort of resemblance at all),but they were apparently so adorable,that most of the green ones were bought.

    Anyway – I like that little flare this gives off.It seems sorta parody-like even.

  • Who’s the executive producer behind this? : ))

  • Anonymous cause i’d like to keep my job

    Finally, a show about evil-cuddly-cute-furry-industry-executives!!! Who came up with this genial-shit!

    I can see animators in the industry diggin’ this, but kids??!

    What do they know about back-stabbing-sneaky-cheaplabour-money-hungry-execs?

    Oh right.. this will bring ’em MILLIONS in cuddly cute animal merchandise ;)

    Rock on David Feiss!! You’re such a sell out

    • “Rock on David Feiss!! You’re such a sell out!”
      REad the above comments about the origin of this thing before you sling that word.
      That is such a facile term, sell out. As long as he’s putting forth the best effort he can, he isn’t “selling out”, Coward. FYI, even though your little handle has a self-conscious joke about WHY you are Anonymous, you’re still a coward for not using your real name. “I want to call Dave a sell out and look hard, but I might have to ask him for a job someday”. Chickenshit.

      • Anonymous cause i’d like to keep my job

        You have a point John. And just for the record, I don’t have the time to read everyone’s comments. I take it you do.

        By the way, do you have an actual comment or response to the actual article?

        I figure you like the idea or are close to the guy.

        And no, I wouldn’t ask him for a job one day. Cow and Chicken was great, but this.. would just make me angry every day.


    • Anonymous

      Sorry but actually a lot of kids do like this! I do (i am a kid) and its funny in a really weird way. Maybe that is just coz all the tv now sucks… but kids like this a lot! Especially ppl in Australia (also where I am) so if you’re gonna say stuff like that at least watch the show plz.

  • I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during the inevitable focus group testing sessions regard Flavor Flav’s casting, his “relatability to children” and exactly what “BOYEEE!” means.

  • Joseph

    This is fake right.

  • Cyber Fox

    Let’s be honest here, MIP is the worst way to sell your show, look at all the shows we never see due to this
    – Coots & Critter
    – Zenryoku Rabbits
    and many others.

  • Vzk

    Is this a parody à la Sealab 2021?

  • David Feiss seems to be doing it for the lols, I think.

  • I want all the episodes of “Yoohoo and Friends”. Please, I don’t want all japanese voice. English please. Thanks!