The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #9.5 The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #9.5
Ward Kimball

The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #9.5

I can’t help it, I’m in the holiday spirit, so here’s another one for today: the Firehouse Five Plus Two, led by Disney director and animator Ward Kimball, perform holiday music with Dixie flair.

  • uncle wayne

    Ohhhhhhhhh, Mr. A.! I must thank you for a TRUE Christmas present indeed. Coming from New Orleans, Dixieland is in my blood…my SOUL! This clip enchanted me last year….and triple more THIS year (since I am now IN a dixieland band!)

    Thank you, again!

  • I like that the drawing of the woman on the door has her “naughty bits” covered (around the :23 mark). It’s funny to see that PR hasn’t changed at all over the years.

  • I love the Firehouse 5 + 2! The close-up on Harper Goff cracks me up every time!

  • I remember when Ward and the guys would practice at lunch hour. And yes, I mean in the Animation Building where their sounds filled the hallways.

    Boy, you really felt you worked at a cartoon studio back in those days. Damn! I miss the days when the animation business use to be fun.

  • I never get tired of seeing that clip. Thanks so much for sharing it. Oh to have seen them in person…

    Merry Christmas guys!

  • R.J. Laaksonen

    I remember this from a jazz website, and it is a joy to see again. Don Peri’s interview with Harper Goff (in Working with Walt) has nothing about Goff’s musical, or acting, career; are there other Goff interviews available elsewhere?

  • Love the FH5+2, anyone know where this clip hails from?

    I always liked that nod to the group on Rocky & Bullwinkle, with the gang of robbers known as the Fleet Fingered 5-3 (I don’t think I have that name exactly right).

  • Carol Ann Lawrence

    I am a 71 yr. old Gramma, and love Adam at Home, but, I would like to know why Adam looks like he was drawn by my Grandson in Kindergarden?