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Ward Kimball

Ward Kimball’s 1958 Holiday Card Photo

Ward Kimball and family show you the proper way to do a Christmas card family photo:

Ward Kimball
  • Steven Hartley

    Did Ward Kimball forget that it was Christmas and not Halloween ;-)

  • pizzaforeveryone


  • Gerard de Souza

    Crazy, Daddio.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s the most!

  • top cat james

    Like, iconoclastville, baby. Dig?

    [snaps fingers]

  • CentriAnic

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  • daryl boman

    I’m diggin’ the vibes, man! Real way out cool!

  • Toonio

    OMG beatniks! no wonder Ned went coo-coo in the head. However like anything Kimball, he rocks!

  • Gerard de Souza

    It’s piercin’, man. Too piercin’.

  • Hardly Ozzie and Harriet, the Kimball’s should be an American Family role model. They were sure a helluva lot of fun.

    Thanks, Ward and Betty for some great times.

  • so sick. this guy always knew where it was at.

  • James Cimarusti

    You bent my cymbal, man! Nervous-Real Nervous!

  • Way too cool holiday card daddy-o. I like it that the cat could care less about the photo shoot.