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Oskar Fischinger on NPR

You can hear Charles Solomon discuss Oskar Fischinger – and download Fischinger video clips – on the NPR website.(Thanks, Brian Kolm)

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Oskar Fischinger Article

Worth a read: in the latest issue of TATE ETC., the magazine of UK’s Tate museums, there is a nice appreciation of the experimental …

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Oskar Fischinger: DVD

Here’s a DVD I’ve been waiting for, Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films. This is the first DVD release by the Center for Visual Music, and …


Cool Animated Titles

If you are a fan of animated opening titles, as I am, you’ll want to take note of these three items: • A special tribute to Bob …


Viking Eggeling

I’m currently reading Matthew Gale’s Dada & Surrealism, an entertaining and authoritative primer on two of the most important, yet …

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The Best Anime Blog

Since discovering his site a few weeks ago, Ben Ettinger’s AniPages Daily has become one of my favorite blogs around, which is perhaps …

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