Cartoon Culture

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

This homage to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is one of the nicest cartoon tattoos I’ve ever seen. A larger version of the pic above can be …

Stop Motion

Bunin’s Alice

It’s becoming an annual tradition in Los Angeles – just as last year, the Cinefamily/Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Ave. is running the …

Feature Film

Alice’s Birthday

The footage in this promo reel looks like a lot of fun to me. All I know about this Russian Flash animated feature is what’s …

Cartoon Culture

Electronica Alice

Alice” is an electronic piece of music by a young South African artist named Nick Bertke. He explains that “90% is composed using sounds …


Lunch with Disney’s “Alice

This Saturday, May 24, 2008, Women in Animation will present a salon featuring Virginia Davis, the original star of Walt Disney’s Alice


Malice in Wonderland by Vince Collins

I’ve linked to Vince Collins’s animation before, but I hadn’t run across this hallucinogenic 1982 piece of animation he made called …


More Alice

There is something fascinating about watching the early silent films from Walt Disney’s studio. Knowing where Walt was headed and what he …


ALICE in 35mm

A few years ago, Ray Pointer (aka Inkwell Images) put together a superb DVD collection of seven Alice Comedies, Disney’s 1920s silent-era …

Old Brew


Walt Disney’s first movie star, Virginia Davis, will appear in person at a screening of two of her Alice Comedies from the mid-1920s at …

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