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As Puss in Boots: The Last Wish continues to flourish at the global box office, Dreamworks artists are sharing their contributions to the hit film on social media.

A sequel to a spinoff, The Last Wish – directed by Joel Crawford – has had a strong cultural impact since releasing wide over the Christmas holiday weekend. Great word of mouth led the film to outperform its domestic opening weekend for three weeks in a row. All of that despite being made available on PVOD on January 6.

Fortunately for those of us who care about the craft involved in making these films, The Last Wish distributor Universal and animation studio Dreamworks have been hands-off concerning artists sharing behind-the-scenes work that went into the finished film. Storyboards, animatics, and concept art from some of The Last Wish’s most iconic scenes are now available online. We’ve collected a number of social media posts here, and hope that more will continue to be shared as the films pushes on with its impressive run.

For those who haven’t seen the film yet, there are spoilers in the posts we’re sharing so bookmark our article and come back after you’ve experienced the film.

Concept artist Neil Campbell Ross shared some of his stunning artwork that influenced the stylized world of The Last Wish:


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Prashanth Cavale animated the scene that has struck the most resonant emotional chord from the film, in which Puss has a panic attack but is comforted by Perrito:

Taylor Meacham was the storyboard artist for the panic attack scene, and shared some of his work:

The film’s head of story Heidi Jo Gilbert then tweeted the full story reel and animation:

Patrick Guisiano animated the film’s introduction of a new and terrifying villain to the Shrek cinematic universe:

Chris “Gonzo” Gonzalez also took a turn at animating Puss’ terrifying new foe:

Here’s some more of Ludovic Bouancheau’s work:

Jeremy Schaefer deftly handled this scene between Puss and Kitty Softpaws:

Jorge Garcia shared a look behind the first encounter between Puss and his nemesis:

Shir Baron’s first feature animation job was The Last Wish, and she couldn’t be happier with how things turned out:

The Last Wish was Maarten Lemmens‘ first feature as well, and he got to work on the film’s final showdown:

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