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Artist of the Day: Tim Peacock

Tim Peacock

Tim Peacock works as an illustrator in Brooklyn. He studied illustration at the Ringling College of Art and Design.

Tim Peacock

Tim primarily works with ink drawings on paper with gray washes of watercolor or diluted ink on top. After establishing the tonal values, he scans the piece, perhaps cleans it up a bit, and then colors it digitally with the ink layer multiplied on top of the color layers.

The result is a hybrid piece that feels traditional and hand made yet takes advantage of the options provided by digital coloring. The gray tones also unify the color of the whole piece, desaturating the colors and adding to the mysterious feeling of many of his drawings.

Tim Peacock

See more work from Tim on his Tumblr and portfolio website.

Tim Peacock Tim Peacock Tim Peacock

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