Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Caveirão’ by Guilherme Marcondes

Not many people know this, but every night at 3:33AM time is frozen for a moment. During what is a fraction of second to mortal eyes, there is a second night, a secret one where the spirits of the city come out to play. That is the story of the eternal battle for the soul of São Paulo, the clash between bohemia and authoritarianism, between comedy and horror. Inspired by the darker side of Brazilian pop culture, Caveirão crosses over genres and techniques. Fantasy, horror and cartoon meet through live-action, 2D animation and 3D vfx. This is the first film from ‘The Master’s Voice’ project about ghost stories based on urban folklore.


Director/writer: Guilherme Marcondes
Cinematographer: Pierre de Kerchove
2D Animation: Birdo
Production Designer: Olivia Helena Sanches
Music and sound designer: Paulo Beto – Anvil FX
Post Production Supervisor: Eddy Moussa
Editor: RJ Glass
Lead Compositor: John Harrison
Principal Cast: Carlos Dias as Caveirão