Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Robot King’ by Jake Portman


Robot King is a short film in the style of classic 1970’s and 80’s anime such as Gatchaman (renamed Battle of the Planets in the west) and Voltron that seeks to answer the question: What would really happen if you gave control of a giant killer robot to a group of teenagers?

This film was animated using Adobe Flash and composited in Adobe After Effects. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop were used in the creation of the backplates. Maxon Cinema 4D was used to create basic models and camera moves for reference in some of the more complex transformation shots.

Designed, directed and animated by Jake Portman
Scriptwriters: Jake Portman, Anne Cuizon, Lorenzo de Guia
Music: Shawn Lyon
Audio and sound design: Braincloud
French: Nathan Sapsford
Barrel/Jack: Jeffery James Perry
Gina: Simone K. Smith
General: Greg Reynard

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