Writing on the Wall Writing on the Wall

“Music video for Iron Maiden’s ‘The Writing on the Wall.’ We are taken on a journey through a dystopian world ravaged by pollution and drought, ruled by an elite class as they gear up for an exclusive party. Featuring the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse, a vampire king feasting off the souls of the young, and the latest iteration of Iron Maiden’s irrepressible mascot Eddie.”

Directed by Nicos Livesey, U.K., 2021. Creative direction by Mark Andrews (Pixar’s Brave and One Man Band).

Key credits
Animation production: Blinkink
Producer: Alex Halley
Executive producers: Andrew Gordon (Lucky 7), Bart Yates (Blinkink), Bruce Dickinson, Rod Smallwood, Dave Shack, Andy Taylor
Story: Bruce Dickinson
Storyboards: Mark Andrews, Lou Victor Karnas, Kartika Mediani, James O’Shea, Morgan Ritchie
Character design: Ryan Quickfall
Character turnarounds: Dan Lambert
Concept art: Camille Perrin, Greg Semkow, Sandra Duchiewicz
Background layouts: Mike Luard, Ryan Quickfall
Background painters: Tiago Calliari, Camille Perrin, Fabio Perez, Natalia Bacetti, Fabio Alencar
Animation: Ed Roberts, Laura Nailor, Reg Isaac, Ed Smith, Josep Bernaus, Chiara Sgatti, Jac Clinch, Campbell Hartley, Ilan Hatukah
Fx animation: George Johnson, Ed Smith, Chiara Sgatti
Lead animation assistant: Denise Dean
Lead colorist: Martin Dray
Cg lead: Balázs Simon
Cg supervisor: Igor Bóka
Lighting and compositing: Daniel Giltan
Character modelling and digital painting: Bernadett Dian
Rigging and character fx: Robert Toth
Character animation: Szabi
Lead compositor: Simone Ghilardotti
Editor: Sam Sneade
Sound designer: Andrew Vernon
Credit design: Toby Evans