The second season of CB Fest continues today with the online premiere of Immersion (Switzerland, 2016), a visual representation of the anxieties we tussle with on a daily basis.

The main character, Tommy, struggles to deal with his anxiousness during a visit to the public pool. Sweat drips from his forehead as he tries to escape his fears with little success.

Director Lalita Brunner channeled her personal fears of completing her final year at Switzerland’s Lucerne University of Applied Science & Arts through Tommy. By utilizing vivid colors and dynamic split screens she transformed her anxiety into a stylishly striking graduation film.

Discover plenty more of Brunner’s work on her website. And support independent animated films by sharing Immmersion through its official Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook links.

"Immersion" by Lalita Brunner. "Immersion" by Lalita Brunner.
"Immersion" by Lalita Brunner. "Immersion" by Lalita Brunner.

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