“The Day of the Crows” Trailer “The Day of the Crows” Trailer

This looks like a visually lush and promising animated feature. The Day of the Crows (Le Jour des Corneilles) is a hand-drawn film based on a novel by Canadian writer Jean-François Beauchemin and directed by Jean-Christophe Dessaint. Dessaint was mostly recently the first assistant director of the Antoine Delesvaux and Joann Sfar feature The Rabbi’s Cat. The screenplay adaptation was written by Amandine Taffin. French New Wave director Claude Chabrol, who passed away in 2010, provided a voice for the film.

Day of the Crows will be released in France on October 24. The France/Belgium/Canada/Luxembourg co-production was made by Finalement, Melusine Productions, Walking The Dog, and Max Films Animation. The synopsis:

In a cabin in the deep of the forest, a child and his father lead a wild and hard life in utmost isolation. The child grows up fearing and admiring his father, with the ghosts haunting the forest as his only companions. Until the day he discovers a neighboring village and meets a young girl there, Manon. At her side, he discovers that love exists. From then on he won’t cease to search for the place where his father’s love for him is hiding.

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