‘Ping Pong’ Recap: ‘Smile is a Robot’

Determined to unleash Smile's potential, Coach Koizumi devises a relentless schedule of training that culminates in a death match pitting old veteran versus young hopeful. Smile's resistance finally cracks under the pressure, and he begins to get serious. Meanwhile, the appearance of a new rival - the tough-looking Ryuichi Kazama - sets the stage for a later showdown.

Feature Film

“The Prophet”

Yesterday, Deadline Hollywood posted about Salma Hayek’s Ventanarosa Productions signing animation director Roger Allers (Lion King) to …


More New Books

Who says print is dead? It’s been about a month since my last batch of book reviews and I’ve come up with four new books worthy of your …

Feature Film

“Zarafa” teaser trailer

Opening next February in France, this hand drawn feature from filmmaker Remi Bezancon and animator Jean-Christophe Lie (Disney, Chomet, …

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