Book Review: ‘Anime Fan Communities’ by Sandra Annett

I regret starting this review on a negative note, but it should be said that "Anime Fan Communities" is not the most accurately-titled book. Author Sandra Annett takes international anime fandom as her starting point, but she ends up engaging with a much wider range of topics.


Two Indie Walt Disney Biopics Due in 2014

Did Tom Hanks’ performance as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks wet your whistle for another depiction of Mr. Disney on the big screen? Then 2014 just might be your year, because two independent biopics are scheduled to be released later this year.


Terry Gilliam tribute on “Fringe”

This week's episode of Fox's Fringe contained a pretty cool homage to Terry Gilliam's animation on Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Brenda Wooding Launches Kid Glove

LOS ANGELES – Entertainment industry veteran Brenda Wooding has set MIPCOM 2012 for the international launch of Kid Glove, a boutique …


VIEW Conference Unveils 2012 Highlights

Turin, Italy — Dedicated to bringing together experts from around the world to inspire, engage, teach, and astound, VIEW, Italy’s …

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