The latest short from UK’s Trunk Animation director Rok Predin is a haunting little art film starring some nasty cat-demons and a rather cute car.

Composer Ivan Arnold drives Rok Predin’s latest project for Trunk Animation.

Long-term collaborators director Rok Predin and composer Ivan Arnold have worked on a number of great shorts including ‘Winter Poem’, ‘Inside’ and Rok’s comical short ‘Curiosity Killed The Cat’. Normally Rok has been the driving force on these projects bringing in Ivan to compose to his finished work. Yet for their latest short ‘The Chase’ the initial concept came from Ivan. He wanted to work on a score that had as he notes a “dynamic travelling rhythm” that is a strong and central presence in a short rather than a score that sits in the background.

Naturally Ivan turned to his reliable collaborator Rok to work on this concept. The resulting short is a treat. Rok has filmed a beautiful and determined chase sequence. In the video a rather cute toy-like car gradually starts to disintegrate while it is being pursued by huge cat demons that look as though they have escaped from a nightmare Alice in Wonderland. Ivan’s score uses a softly played Asian gamelan to set the tempo of the piece overlaid with a soundscape that creates a haunting melody that drives the short forward.

Rok chose the toy look of the car and colour palette to promote the dream like, unreal nature of the video. Rok also noted that “ A single shot was used throughout the video to keep the viewer engaged and to keep up the suspense while Ivan’s music provided the pace for the chase”.

The 3D car and cats were created in Cinema 4D while the texture, pyro-effects, beautiful colour grading and composition were created using After Effects.

In typical Rok style I can reveal there is a dark ending for the cute car!!

Animation/Director: Rok Predin
Music: Ivan Arnold
Producer: Richard Barnett

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