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Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #19

Goodbye by Flavio Santana (Brazil): This piece was the winner of February’s edition of the 11 Second Club.

Test by Josh Parpan (US)

Little Red Bumper by Nicole M. Hamilton (US)

Animated GIF by FuFu Frauenwahl (Germany)
Dance Around Fire

Excerpt from The Long Walk by Svilen Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

  • gbop

    Love the whizz palace !

  • Wow, a great collection of fragments all around. The animated GIF is just beautiful. The 11 Second Club and The Long Walk are also wonderful as well.

  • Mac

    The 11 Second Club has such a weird psychological relationship with 2D. I’m sure there were better technical dialogue tests with the Norman rig or something.

    • Tak

      So what ya trying to say Mac?
      That a some 103341 member strong voting community over at the 11 Second Club called it wrong? Jeeeze, what a sour sausage YOU are. Flavio Santanas work is awesome, even Victor Navone thinks so. Grow a pair & deal with it.