Maarten Donders Maarten Donders
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Artist of the Day: Maarten Donders

Maarten Donders

Netherlands-based artist Maarten Donders creates, in his own words, “cosmic illustrations,” a description that nicely captures the visual texture of his artwork. Donders’ art feels connected thematically because of his process in which he places utmost importance on the authenticity of the work–the part of each piece that appeals to him personally no matter what the subject.

Maarten DondersMaarten Donders

The dreamy, dark, psychedelic qualities in Donders’ visuals combined with his musical interests have lead to frquent collaborations with musicians and bands. See more work from Donders on his portfolio website and Flickr.


Maarten DondersMaarten DondersMaarten DondersMaarten DondersMaarten Donders Maarten DondersMaarten DondersMaarten Donders
  • schwarzgrau

    Great lifework and really interesting color choices

  • DaveW

    Love this stuff! Thanks for digging up all these amazing artists, Chris!