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BAFTA Nominees Announced: Disney Picks Up Three of Four Feature Film Noms

Nominations for the 70th annual BAFTA Film Awards, the British equivalent of the Academy Awards, were announced this morning in London.

The BAFTAs made a significant change related to their feature animation category this year, expanding the potential number of nominees in the category from three to five. The increase was put into place because, according to BAFTA head of awards Emma Baehr, “What we’ve found is that that sometimes people don’t enter more animated films because there are only three nominations. We want to make sure that as many films are entered so we’re giving the film committee the option to increase the number of nominations in this category to a maximum of five.”

If the goal was to advance diversity in the feature animation category, the BAFTAs botched it badly. Although the new rules allowed for five nominees, the organization selected just four films, and of those films, three were produced by the Walt Disney Company. In the ten years that the BAFTAs have recognized animated features, seven times the award has been given to the Walt Disney Company.

The BAFTAs, presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, will be handed out on February 12, 2017, at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Below is the complete list of 2017 nominees for the animation-related categories: animated features, visual effects, and British short animation. In the latter category, all three films are student shorts, with two from the National Film and Television School and one from Kingston University London:

Animated Film
  • Finding Dory (Pixar)
  • Kubo and the Two Strings (Laika)
  • Moana (Disney)
  • Zootopia (Disney)
Special Visual Effects
  • Arrival (Louis Morin)
  • Doctor Strange (Richard Bluff, Stephane Ceretti, Paul Corbould, Jonathan Fawkner)
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Tim Burke, Pablo Grillo, Christian Manz, David Watkins)
  • The Jungle Book (Robert Legato, Dan Lemmon, Andrew R. Jones, Adam Valdez)
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Neil Corbould, Hal Hickel, Mohen Leo, John Knoll, Nigel Sumner)
British Short Animation
  • The Alan Dimension (Jac Clinch, Jonathan Harbottle, Millie Marsh)
  • A Love Story (Khaled Gad, Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara, Elena Ruscombe-King)
  • Tough (Jennifer Zheng)
  • ea

    As much flak as we give the Oscars, at least their nomination committee seems to care about animation.

  • Elsi Pote

    Finding Dory is a flipping joke that lacks character and emotion.

    It’s was nothing but another blatant attempt to pander toys, notebooks and pens while destroying the Pixar brand under the Disney mismanagement.

    But Bafta being Bafta, they will go for anything American over the best French productions.

    • Renard N. Bansale

      It’s so bizarre to me how people have turned on Finding Dory, despite its 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating and 74 on Metacritic.

      • ea

        It’s a nice family movie, but not award-worthy, especially when there are more deserving films this year.

        • Renard N. Bansale

          It’s my 3rd favorite animated film of 2016, so I’m fine with its awards attention. Plus, Hank the Octopus is one of my favorite characters from 2016 in film.

  • Cam Jirrey

    They had room for one more contender, and they didn’t bother to use it? Seriously? I can think of 5-6 other animated flicks that could have had that spot…
    (‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ being the top one)

    • Exilov

      >implying the Oscars and BAFTAs care about any animated film not made by Disney/Pixar

  • Exilov

    Based on history there will likely be at least one BAFTA nominee absent on the Oscar nomination list.

    So… will the Academy be able to withhold their hard-on for Disney and knock one of these films off the list, or will they keep all three and snub Kubo?

    • TheLillypop

      There’s no way they’re gonna snub Kubo. All of Laika’s movies were nominated for oscar for Best Animated Feature, and Kubo is their most critically acclaimed movie. It’s in for sure. I think Moana could be snubbed. Zootopia’s like last year’s Inside Out and Moana is like last year’s The Good Dinosaur – Visually stunning but childish and not at all that great (well, IMO). I think Finding Dory could be snubbed too.
      My predictions for the nominees are:
      1. Zootopia
      2. Kubo and the Two Strings
      3. My Life As a Zucchini
      4. The Red Turtle
      5. Your Name

      Its a very uncommon opinion and most people dont agree with me, but i have a feeling that that’s what is gonna happen.

      • Exilov

        Wouldn’t surprise me if that was the final list w. Zootopia winning it all in the end.

        Also keep in mind Moana will likely get a Song nomination regardless, so they might see that as the reward. (similar to how Tangled wasn’t nominated in 2010 but got nominated for Best Song).

        • TheLillypop

          Yup thats exactly what i think. It’ll get a nomination for ”How far I’ll go” and maybe, though i highly doubt it, a nomination for the score.
          Still not sure about the winner of Best Animated Feature though. Zootopia will probably win but i think Kubo still has a chance..