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Betty Boop Broadway Bound?

The New York Times, Playbill and several other news sources are reporting on plans, just announced, for a Betty Boop musical supposedly en route to Broadway. Of course, Betty’s been there before. She was created by Grim Natwick at Fleischer Studios at 1600 Broadway in 1930.

The new musical production, according to reports:

…will feature music by 15-time Grammy Award winner David Foster, with book by Sally Robinson and Oscar Williams. The show is planning to debut on Broadway in the 2010-2011 season at a Nederlander theatre to be announced.

In the new musical, the inimitable Betty Boop joins her friends Bimbo and Koko to work her irresistible charm in reuniting her grandfather (who has created the Greatest Invention of Mankind) with the long-lost, true love of his life, while saving the Happy Heart Theater from the developer’s bulldozers.

I wish they’d use a few Sammy Timberg songs… but hey, all I hope is that publicity generated from news of this production is so great it might finally give someone the idea to release a complete collection of the vintage Boop cartoons on DVD.

(Thanks, Felicia Spano)

  • Zardoz

    Let us hope this production fares better than that 1980’s planned “Neil the Horse” Broadway show.

  • Masked Stinker

    If they want to make something true to the character they need to referece the original series – it’s music and some of that pre-hays humor and a surreal sequence or two.

    Hope the show is huge and get the suits thinking about releasing Betty’s Cartoons.

  • Will Wiffle Piffle be in it too?

  • Gerard de Souza

    David Foster?
    So how will she be made of Pen and Ink in person?
    What a world! We try to make cartoons realistic and real people into cartoons.

  • Gijs Grob

    All Betty Boop films ARE already available on DVD. They are restored and released in France in a 5 DVD Box + CD with songs. The DVD’s are subtitled in French, but these subtutles are optional. Also included are some bonus cartoons, inlcuding ‘somewhere in Dreamland’.

  • Ah me, judging by the synopsis, it already doesn’t sound as if they are remaining true to the original character, but it will be interesting to see how big this show gets with her cult following in the Latin American countries. And I, too, am rooting for its success *ONLY* because I so want a total restoration on the BOOP cartoons, similar to what we’ve now got and will be getting on the POPEYE THE SAILOR series. As much as I like Popeye, I’d hate to see that series become the *ONLY* remaining memory, fully restored, of the Max Fleischer Studio. Public domain is *NOT* the route by which our Ms. Boop should fall!!

  • It’s interesting to me that a live action Betty Boop is coming up again CBS films in the 1970s and early 80s – a division of the broadcast network – had the rights to the character and were planning a live action musical. Ruth Kneitel – Max’s daughter – told me that she hoped Bette Midler would be cast. Ruth’s son was working on Saturday Night Live at the time and had designed the set for a piece for Bernadette Peters singing as Betty.

    Personally I can’t imagine how a live action Betty Boop stage presentation would look. My advice would be for the producers to engage Richard Elfman, the creator of the wonderfully bizarre – and obviously Fleischer-inspired movie – “Forbidden Zone.”

    I can’t see that happening, though.

  • minako bababooma

    Well im Glad Betty Bops coming back in the Betty Boop Broadway 2010-2011

    The voice has to Be Perfect if it isnt
    it wont Get a Thumbs up from me like as good as Mae Questels

    and if the eprson can sing Great thats what matters and gets Betty Boops personality Right then mabey they could even bring a album out like most broadways do

    no idea if they will be singing songs from helen kane or singing betty boops songs from her cartoons
    i can tell the song dont take my Boop oop a doop away is the main song of bettys

  • I Have the Original Broadway Cast of BETTY BOOP are Becky Gulsvig as Betty Boop, Sebastian Arcelus as Koko the Clown, Max Crumm as Bimbo, Adam Jacobs as Freddy, Terrence Mann as Grampy, Jonathan Groff as Philip the Fiend, Devynn Pedell as Buzzy Boop, Jesse Swenson as Henry, Zach Rand as Little Jimmy, Max Von Essen as Wiffle Piffle, Sherie Rene Scott as Sally Swing & Trent Kowalik as Junior.

    The ensemble comprises Nick Adams, Brad Anderson, Gretchen Bieber, Cara Cooper, Kevin Duda, Daniel J. Edwards, Hillary Elk, John Hill, Morgan James, Andy Karl, Lauren Kling, Marty Lawson, Tony Mansker, Yanira Marin, Aubrey Morgan, Chris Peluso, Eddie Pendergraft, Zachary Prince, Sharone Sayegh, Jackie Seiden, Kacie Sheik, Ryan Watkinson, Nicole Winhoffer, Emma Zaks.

    Swings: Katie Adams, Justin Greer, Rusty Mowery, Alena Watters.