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Just when you thought the era of ugly Popeye merchandise was over…

In a universe of bad ideas, we may have winner! Or this may be genius. You decide. Limited edition rubber duck incarnations of famous people and cartoon characters called Celebriducks. This is the brainstorm of entrepreneur Craig Wolfe, and his product is now showing up at retail outlets like Virgin Megastore, and even at Disney World.

Check out the animated characters including Betty Boop, Pink Panther and Felix The Cat. Even more outrageous are the movie stars (The Lone Ranger, Mae West and Mr. T) and religious figures – which includes rubber duck versions of Moses, Satan and Jesus Christ!

(Thanks, Steve Moore)

  • Felix the Cat look like Ernie the Muppet. That’s hilarious.
    Pink Panther and Felix aren’t ducks though.. why?… species confusion?

  • amid

    With ideas like this, the guy would make a great animation development exec.

  • Christopher Cook

    Anybody got a spork?

  • That IZZ hilarious!!

  • Ooookaaayyyy. Boy, are those ugly. Popeye with a duck bill is just hideous. Let alone doing it to Jesus. Besides, “I’ve got Jesus in my bathtub” just sounds wrong no matter how you say it!

  • Now I’ve TRULY seen everything!!

  • Chuck R.

    Free design advice to Mr. Wolfe: If you are going to put a duck’s bill on it, don’t combine it with a human chin!

    And why do Max Fleischer characters get the freaky-beaky treatment when others like Pink Panther and Felix get to be themselves?

  • RobEB

    These are some of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. I’m still shaking…

  • red pill junkie

    Yekk! the chin of Popeye looks like the duck’s BREAST :-(

  • James Ford

    This guy is actually about a hundred times MORE creative than a typical development exec. Think about it.

  • Lucy

    Lol, I love these little things, I don’t care what anyone says XD I have the Dr. Frank n Furter one on my desk, and I’m seriously eying the Felix the Cat and Pink Panther ones… Although I may very well settle on the Jesus, given the spirit of the season.

  • doug holverson

    Please Lord, please, please make this less of a popular fad than the Pet Rock, and even less enduring.

  • These celebri-ducks are the philosopher’s stone, except in vinyl.

  • Chris Sobieniak


  • But just think, “Hallelujah, I gots Jesus in me now!” can be a whole new double-entendre!

  • the doctor is real in

    where’s joe penner when u need him?

  • Shouldn’t the bridge of Jesus’ nose be orange?

    Sorry, I’ve been working on product too long.

  • MitchK

    The first Betty ain’t so bad… but then, it’s not that big of a conversion. The rest are just terrible! Even Felix, somehow.

  • Oh sure, they offer Buddha, Moses and Jesus, but where’s the Muhammad duck? COWARDS!

  • Keith Bryant

    Why oh why was this deemed necessary? Maybe it looked good after downing a bottle of Jaegermeister.

  • tom

    I don’t get why Popeye’s head is ducklike but his body isn’t. It’s troubling.

  • Keith Paynter

    The Blues Brothers ones are stylin’, along with “The Penguin”! (“The Penguin” is an appropriate ‘duck’, don’cha think? Then again, “Pen-goo-ins is practically chicken…”)

  • Tory

    Looking through them all, I must say that the Mae West one is the only one that looks good and something I might purchase.

  • Felix the Duck obviously had the good sense to hide his beak inside his Magic Bag. Yikes!

  • Joseph Nebus

    You know, the Betty Boop one almost kind of works. Are there any conveniently available pictures of a Fleischer Brothers duck to see how it would have looked if they for some reason wanted to do a Betty Boop As A Duck cartoon?