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T-Shirt of the Day

Artist David Schwen says “That’s All Folks!” on his T-Shirt-of-the-Day for woot! If interested, you have 24 hours to order this limited edition.

(Thanks, Campbell Evans)

  • amid

    I believe these are the crew shirts for the staff of the “Looney Tunes Show.”

    • Deaniac

      I heard Schwen made a T-shirt very similar to this 8 years ago, only it had Stimpy in Porky’s place and it was made for the crew of Adult Party Cartoon.

      For some reason neither Schwen nor any of the staff members ever bothered uploading it to the internet; perhaps you’d like to share it with us here sometime?

  • Dr Robotnik

    It certainly seems appropriate given recent Looney Tunes news.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    A graphic design worth a million words…and the words ain’t nice! lool Classic.

  • Adam

    It’ll be available tomorrow too, but for $5 more.

  • snipp245

    24 hours? Good. I don’t personally find it in good taste or any kind of relevant taste.

    • Arf Trondolio

      Well if you don’t like it, I suppose it was a bad idea.

  • Cool. I’d buy that crap if I bought crap like that.

  • Snipp245: Too soon?

    Personally, I don’t think good taste is always the best determinant of good art. However, I also think this is infinitely more clever and tasteful/well rendered than the Urban Disney designs mentioned last month (

  • Rufus

    Thanks for the tip on the shirt. Bought. $10 bucks too!

  • Glowworm

    It reminds me of this fanart someone did of Deadpool saying “That’s all folks” and then mentioning that he killed a talking pig.

  • Marc Baker

    Confidentially, I’d rather wear A T-shrit of Jerry Springer being shot in the head than this one.