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French animation studio BIBO Films is working on a new CG short called French Roast directed by Fabrice O. Joubert and with character designs by Nico Marlet. The short has a production blog–written in French but with lots of pics. The studio is also wrapping up its first feature–A Monster in Paris–directed by company founder Bibo Bergeron (co-director of Shark Tale and The Road to El Dorado).

(Thanks, Matt Jones)

  • Jenny Lerew

    Bravo Bibo & Co.!

  • The test renders look really cool. I’m a sucker for anything CG that has painted CG backgrounds though and the character design looks quite unique as well which is a nice change.

    The character reference footage they acted out only the production blog was also very entertaining, they really nailed the eccentric old man shuffle.

    Go France!

  • Amazing blog. I love the designs and the preproduction for this short. Can’t wait to see the finished short.

  • rodguen

    Great! It does look like Marlet’s design.

    But i don’t think i’m wrong when i say that they are STARTING their feature, not wrapping up…

  • elan

    But….but…’s CG! Isnt that BAD!? (ahem)

    Looks awesome!