Popeye in 3-D?? Popeye in 3-D??

Popeye in 3-D??

I found this on You Tube. Someone took a public domain Popeye cartoon and created a anaglyph 3D version of it… or tried to. It’s not very good 3D. In fact, I screened it with my red/blue glasses and it looks awful. On second thought, it looks kinda cool without the glasses…

  • David Breneman

    I watched the first two minutes and saw no stereoscopic effect at all, except that the whole flat image sat about a half inch behind the stereo window. Obviously whoever did this knows nothing about stereo photography. Buy a Viewmaster and learn something.

  • only real 3d effect achieved with the glasses seems to be the impression that the video is projected an inch or so inside my screen. the individual element s aren’t popping at all. Unless that’s just due to the grubby pixelation.

  • Anaglyph doesn’t do too well with Youtube compression. But bits of it seem to work and seem to be well done.

    I’d be curious to see the uncompressed anaglyph movie.

  • doug holverson

    How come every time these cartoons get cheeper and lamer, one of Popeye’s nephews disappears?

  • SR Das

    Didn’t Popeye star in one “real” 3D cartoon late in his theatrical career? I believe it was Ace of Space. Am I right?

  • SR Das- Yes. there was such a 3D cartoon.

  • Stereoscopic imagery using the red blue glasses method is easy to do, if you have both views to work with. I did a step by step tutorial a while back. In short, you take the red channel from one RGB image, and use it in place of the red channel in the other image.


  • sam


    A RabbitHole is a 3D Motion Hologram printed into a 2-dimensional film surface, which displays full-color 3D and action visible without special eyewear. More technically, a RabbitHole is a next-generation digital hologram that contains up to 1280 digital frames of CGI or video imagery.

    These digital motion holograms are unlike any hologram you’ve ever seen. Classically, holograms have been single-colored or rainbow-like, and limited in their ability to realistically recreate 3D scenes, especially at a large scale; however, RabbitHoles Media utilizes patented printing technology to create bright, full-color holograms. The combination of full-color and 3D imagery with viewer-triggered animation results in unforgettable and engaging viewer experiences.M

  • matt

    Whoa Sam, shouldn’t you have written directly to Amid and Jerry on that one?

    What are the rules for straight-out advertising/hawking?

    And yeah, that clip wasn’t very 3d. At least they could’ve made the whole thing an inch CLOSER instead of further away!!

  • Actually, the 3D effect isn’t bad, If you wear the glasses backwards that is.
    I noticed, the images were “sucked-in” so after putting the red over the right and blue over the left, it seemed to work better.

  • I used the red & blue glasses I got with a remake in 3D of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

    I got the full 3D effect but, since the film was not designed for 3D none of the stuff popped out of the screen.

    Interesting experiment. Thanks for posting it.

  • OM

    “How come every time these cartoons get cheeper and lamer, one of Popeye’s nephews disappears?”

    …This was during wartime, and meat was scarce :-)