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Enchanted Trailer


I’m still not sure about this flick… but the trailer looks pretty good to me.

  • Oh goodie. Another movie that takes an ironic look at the world of Fairy Tales with a ‘fish-out-of-water’ theme.


  • Fouad

    the animation well done and awesome but the live action,, I do not think is matched.

  • Aaron

    Gotta disagree with you Jerry. After the trailer got through showing “classic” Disney animated clips (Tarzan…really?), after it got through the mediocre 2-D animation, after it got through the live-action footage with horrible CGI characters and effects, I still had hope for the soundtrack. However, once I saw two different Alan Menken songs interrupted (was that joke really good enough to do twice–in the trailer no less?) I officially lost all interest.

  • Brad Constantine

    “How about if we make it a human trapped in a cartoon world….I know. we can call it “Alice’s Cool World”. Then we can throw in a bunch of marching and dancing and surfing penguins and some edgy ethnic sounding voices to liven it up.. and it can be about returning her back to the wild…..we’ll still need some robots that transform into hobbits that go back in time and plant the lightsabre at Ben Kenobi’s house.
    other than that I think we’re good…now will it be 2d or 3d?

  • Craig D.

    Dwed. Like, um, instead of, like, New York City? Like, um, they should have, like, totally pop up at, like, Disney World! Dewd! Like No one would’ve even noticed them! Like, that’s the joke!

    Er, no, no, no! Like EURO Disney! No, no, no – that place! You know? In China? The one that’s like, you know, a total rip-off of Disney World?

    Um, no. Wait a minute! Like, what if they suddenly showed up at, like, a Michael Barrier book signing. Like, Dewd! Y’know?

  • What the hey — it’s got animation by James Baxter & Co. and my daughter will dig it….I’ll be there to check it out.

    I love how so many arm chair CEO’s pop up whenever you guys post something like this.

  • Zee

    I thought that was a pic of the Ariel, The Little Mermaid.

  • I actually expected to really despise that trailer because, like Anibator said, ‘yet another ironic look at the world of Fairy Tales with a ‘fish-out-of-water’ theme.’ But I didn’t think it looked half bad.

  • Only reason I know to see that will be the “Goofy” Short before it.

  • The animation looks pretty good, especially since 2D is struggling to keep its head up here in America. Unfortunately, the plot looks too predictable. I don’t see anything spectacular with the live-action footage either.

    However, as uncertain as I am about this movie, I do have one hope. And that hope is that the animation in this movie will help out in generating some new interest in movie audiences for fresh new traditional animation.

  • Well, I liked it.

    And the last time we got a quality movie that mixed 2D and live action, it sparked an animation rennaisance. Let’s hope this does the same.

    My only complaint, is that the villain looks a little too similar to the evil queen in Snow White, both in regular garb and hag disguise.

    I did think the shot of the dragon looked awesome, though.

  • I’m still uncertain about the movie, but I do feel a little bit better about it after watching the trailer. The 2-D animation is gorgeous. I would just see it for that.

    Yes, it’s very cliched and looks cheesy. I do love the scene of the cleaning animals. Who knows it could be a very entertaining movie.

  • John A

    I wish that they had tried to mimic the look of the early classic Disney fairy tales instead of using the generic Barbie doll princess design that the Disney artists used throughout the ’90s.

  • Wow, that looks really generic and cringeworthy. I don’t think this is going to be the film to put Disney 2D back on the map.

    I was briefly encourgaed by the neat, subdued color palette in the opening scenes — nice throwback to the organic, classic look of early Disney features and a look that I’ve very much missed — but the bland Bluth-lite character design and animation just kills the visual appeal for me. And such “humor”… oy.

    I hope, on behalf of all the luckless parental units who will be forced to sit through this drek, that it will be more tolerable than it looks, but I’m hard-pressed to find a single appealing thing about it thus far.

  • Floyd Norman

    Boy, as Rodney Dangerfield might say, “tough crowd, tough crowd!

    Actually, I’m looking forward to this film. What the hey, it’s got animation by James Baxter.

    All you up and coming animation masters out there, lighten up!

  • Paul

    Can’t possibly be worse than “Thumbelina”…

  • Poodle Time

    This movie wasn’t made to insult or anger people. Just calm down and enjoy it.

    Beautiful animation from James Baxter, incredible Character animation from Tippett Studio, great moments with great actors, and new music from Alan Menken!

    Relax and have fun!

  • I’m not about to knock the animation, just the thought process behind this film. It bothers me that Disney is so content to ridicule its own legacy for the sake of some easy laughs. I remember back when “The Little Mermaid” first debuted, seeing Glen Keane being interviewed about his work and recalling the sage advice given to him by his mentor, Eric Larson about imbuing your characters with “sincerity”. I’m afraid that’s a quality that we haven’t seen for some time in animation, due to the sitcom-style scripts we’ve been subjected to where all the humour is of the sarcastic, one-liner variety.

    I agree with Aaron’s comment above, regarding the Menken songs. It appears they’re being made out to be the butt of the joke, with modern day audiences being seen to be way too cool to understand why characters would suddenly break into song. As a longtime fan of musicals, both live-action and in the Disney animated features, I resent this constant denigration of the art form by those who are too conditioned by contemporary crap to be able to appreciate that wonderful genre. I’m afraid that “Enchanted” will probably appeal to the same jaded audience that is currently flocking to the likes of “Shrek the Third”. So much for “sincerity”…

  • Thalia

    James Baxter!

    The ten or so minutes of 2D animation at the start will be well worth the 11$ movie ticket for me. And it honestly doesn’t look that bad. (Could it be worse than Shrek 3 or Happily N’ever after?) I haven’t been this hyped to see a *mostly live action* movie for… …. uh, Never.

    No offense to Pixar and Dreamworks and everyone else, but I am (like, I think, most traditional animators) SO sick of 3D.

  • uffler mustek

    so many opinions….

  • The animated fairy tale and the twisted animated fairy tale may be “over” in my book, but I certainly ain’t going to complain about a movie for 13 yr old girls that has what looks to be some beautifully animated bookends.

    I might actually see this just for the animation. I wish James Baxter great success.

  • tom

    I’d like to call for a moratorium on ironic fairy tales for the next ten years or so. Unfortunately, the undeserved BO of the god awful Shrek 3 will ensure that we have to put up with about a hundred or so of these things before the trend is thought to have gone stale.

  • Nic Kramer

    Calm down, folks, calm down! This film is only distrubted by Diseny, nor is the animation done by the studio either. What I do hope atleast is that the film will help make way for the first in-studio traditional animated feature (The Frog Prince), one I hope bring the studio back in focus (“I hope”).

    As for your comment, John A., you don’t happen to work for John K., do you?

  • Brian Meyer

    All this talk about James Baxter, but didn’t Andreas Deja animate some of this as well??

  • ichormosquito

    Animation quality aside, it looks like a made-for-TV movie.

  • I think Pete was right on the money to be honest.
    As for Anibator, after seeing Shrek 3, I really am in no mood to see a off-center, fairy tale mocking movie.
    Still, I have no room to judge until I see it… It’s just such a shame that 90% of this movie is live action, James Baxter doesn’t mean a thing once those actors steal the movie.

  • k.borcz

    I’ll be seeing it, I’m positive the actual animation will be quality. I’ve not seen anything but the few pics they’ve showed here at cartoon brew, but hearing that it’s JAMES BAXTER and 2d animation will ensure that I’m sitting in the theatre to see this one.

  • Some Fairy Princess

    Looks like I either have to tear up my Invisible Pink Animation Fangirl License after saying I thought it looked cute -OR- that this is another animated feature that I never have to watch because nothing in the movie itself could be half as entertaining as seeing you (presumably) otherwise rational adults churn up cyberspace over it. (Bookmarks thread and gets a big bag of popcorn…)

  • uncle wayne

    Looks terriff! Can’t wait!! Thank YOO!

  • Andrew

    I’m not even going to read these comments, since I expect most of them to be negative. But to me, I’m really liking the trailer. The animated look is very swirly, something a bit different in the design. But because it’s Disney, I don’t think the jokes will be stretched as far as they can go.

  • Duze

    James Baxter did the 2D on this film, enough said. It looks amazing … it’s as good as any i’ve seen before, but with amazing attention to detail. James Baxter’s one of the best guys out there right now and Disney made a VERY wise choice outsourcing to him.

    As far as the live-action bit, though it has been done before, it hasn’t been done quite like this. From what I hear there is a good fusion of 2D and 3D in the real world, and even though all the songs are spoofs of classic Disney songs from before, they are good anyway. Even the animation and character design is supposed to be a throwback to all those classic Disney tales. The whole thing is a throwback to that. And whoever was saying that the characters look so generic – uh, what? I look at them and I see perfect animated representations of the live-action actors who play them.

    This movie is not gonna disappoint like most of the other recent/upcoming animated films.

  • Looks like a cute harmless chick flick. Nothing revolutionary, but no doubt I shall lock away my masculinity, see it at the theater, and laugh in a manly way when people mention it (whilst I silently weep inside).

  • I like it. It’s not just a fairy tale film, but more of an animated fairy tale meets real world, and that’s different (and interesting) enough for me to want to see it. I liked seeing the 2D chipmunk character get into the real world. Shrek’s spoofs of Disney animated films was always kind of off, since they couldn’t use the exact Disney versions. It was more of a spoof of “something kind of like a Disney film that is just different enough so that we don’t get sued”. This should be a good time, and the animation (2D and 3D) looks great.

  • Paul

    I guess that’s the new twist on the old song; “I’m so tired of 3D”. Several years ago animators were up in arms when executives decreed that audiences were “tired of 2D”. Difference is, most 3D artists stood alongside their 2D counterparts in disagreeing with that statement.

    If Thalia’s thinking is correct, I guess 3D artists can expect for there to be no similar solidarity when the “tired of 3D” statement comes from studio PR offices. Ironic, since the next 2D feature was green-lit by a guy famous for his 3D work.

  • el perro del mar

    wow, so many grumpy-pants around here!

    thank god none of these opinions matter!

  • Mike

    I thought the animals cleaning her apartment was funny.

  • Matt Wilson

    Uh, wow. This would feel more at home on the Disney Channel, I think. Complete with obscenely pandering ‘sassy black woman’ joke. Yikes.

    This is not the film I would put out after promising to ‘move forward’ at the end of the previous one.

  • Zee

    I think the reason for the cynical comments is because we want to move past the Disney Princess stuff. The audience has matured since The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin, and the rest came out in the 90’s. We want more mature stories, not more Disney Princesses, even if it is a spoof. And how can you go back to doing another Disney Princess film, once you’ve spoofed that type of movie? Judging from history, once something is spoofed, that pretty much spells the end of it. How can an audience be expected to take another Disney Princess movie seriously after seeing that type of movie being made fun of? What does this mean for the Frog Princess?

  • Rick Farmiloe

    Ok….I was able to download it. It looks very tongue in cheek….which might work, who knows? The 2D looks great! I wish the CG stuff was 2D, reflecting her world. But….you never know. I worked with Kevin and James at Disney Feature years ago. They are both VERY TALENTED and know their stuff. Trailers are really a tough way to judge the finished product. They are frequently outsourced……so……I’d say let’s wait for the thing to hit the big screen and see what it really is. Hey….at least it’s not a sequel or remake!!! That’s refreshing! I’m pulling for it to deliver the goods!

  • Graham

    Why is this being released in theaters? It looks like a bad TV movie. I agree with Matt Wilson on this one; this deserves a Disney Channel-exclusive premiere.

  • Kyle Maloney

    the animation itself actually looks good. I even like the character designs somewhat. what bothers/distracts me is the rushed shading that was obviously added with a click of a mouse. shading needs more care and attention than that.

    I’m not very excited about the movie, but I’ll keep an eye out for it for sure.

  • Mark Wallaard

    Wow that 2d animation is stunning, shame the rest is live action. Realy liked the self irony with the songs being interrupted. Very funny.

  • I don’t think the animation is anything special and the design of the witch is low-end TV at best. I’m disappointed.

  • Thalia

    Yay princess fangirl!
    You came out of the princess closet!

    Let’s skip to the theatre together!
    I can hardly sit still in my seat, I just can’t wait to see this!

  • I have heard about this film for a while. Not sure what to make out of it form the trailer. I am excited about new Menken tunes and the animation does look great. I did get a laugh from the cleaning animals.

  • Mike

    Um, sorry to interrupt, but the movie file from that link seems to have been removed…

  • I bet all of you saying ‘Princesses are SO OVER’ can’t WAIT for ‘Princess and the Frog’, anyway. I’ll go to this just for the animation. It’s a fluffy family movie, kids will doubtless love it and Giselle will be swishing her skirts with the other girls in bad Photoshop publicity art by the end of the summer. What the hell’s the harm?

    If you want Art, there’s lovely oomphy new Bird Pixar movie coming, so chill.

  • I don’t necessarily want “art” but I would give my left eye for an animated movie with even the slightest bit of ORIGINALITY.

    And why’s everyone so impressed with the animation in this clip? It looks like everything Disney’s ever done.

    Christ I would love to see something new.

  • N

    OK, I haven’t managed to download the trailer for some reason but I know what’s in it and I worked on the film so…

    The scenes in the trailer are not the best representation of the animation in movie and while they stand up well within the context of the film they are not wow scenes. The characters are, of course Disneyish however the color design is not.

    Andreas Deja did animate a few scenes but very few, the majority was done by James, which will be obvious when you actually see the film. I think Rick ( hi Rick! ) is right, it’s going to be hard to tell from the trailer. I hope it does well, it was great to work on. I’m very happy I had the chance to.

  • Anne

    The link doesn’t work anymore.

    Now I will never know what I’m missing! (Or not missing!)

  • sfkhawesf

    you are all wrong. I worked behind the scenes of the movie and read through the script. My working behind the scenes would not make me biased because i only did b*tch work, but it looked pretty incredible

  • It certainly doesn’t look very good to me, not necessarily very bad either. Kind of a variation of Shrek, that could have a couple of sympathetic jokes, but also a lot of artifical CGI stuff and a waste of 2D animation that will probably be a very small part of the movie anyway.

    One thing I really hated is the clear product placement like those Coca Cola advertisements here and there.

    While the whole idea of translating a fairy tale to real life seems to have more potential and originality than just copying Shrek, the type of gags seem pretty much the same. Apart from the fact that again, it seems to mix an apparently cynical attitude with a very traditional love story.

  • It looks like it’ll be enjoyable for its audience. Whether the film is going to be memorable? Not sure yet.

    I’d much rather see part of Bill Willingham’s Fables series receive a 2d->live-action treatment (though definitely not by Disney). Having the Homeland material in 2d, the Mundane world done live-action, and the non-human Fables done with CG.

  • Atalina Carson

    Considering Disney Channel is pretty much planning to make a permanent home for Kim Possible and American Dragon:Jake Long on the dreaded Toon Disney, I’m very pleased to see a small shift in direction of traditional animation. It’ll be quite a while but we will manage to resurrect 2-D animation at least to some degree. Also this appears to be a cute movie.

  • You don’t showcase a legacy of classics before a new feature if said skills can’t pay the bills. Or if a small bit of animation bookends an awkward live-action movie that whitewashes NYC except for a sassy black bus driver. I don’t know if a generic looking parody for a portion of a movie shelling Disney’s princess legacy is what we need to get the Juices flowing again… and I’m upset that the entire rebirth of disney 2d amounts to that much in the new regime(OR AT LEAST THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT)’s eyes. Frog Princess can’t get here soon enough.

  • Amy: “It’s a fluffy family movie, kids will doubtless love it and Giselle will be swishing her skirts with the other girls in bad Photoshop publicity art by the end of the summer. What the hell’s the harm?”

    Basically that over the course of a decade we started withg a doe-eyed redhead pining to marry a man by seducing him, an “intellectual” whose merited so by reading one book and after dreaming for something more to life settles for … marrying and being subservient to a man/beast… at least Jasmine and Esmerelda has some personality and added a wee bit of color and fiery intelligence to the mix, Meg in Hercules is genuinely tragic, while Lilo and Nani are probably the most well rounded concepts of women ever animated by the studio. So a goofy white generic naive princess character who looks just like the Barbie dolls based on Cinderella is probably a step backwards in the long run, and negates a decade’s worth of building the idea women in animation can be more than broad strokes.