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Exploding Disney Princesses

Simone Rovellini likes to make actresses explode—literally. Here’s the Disney princess edition:

His take on The Lion King isn’t half-bad either:

(via Kottke)

  • Roberto Severino

    Absolutely cruel, but hilarious! I needed a good laugh today. Thanks, Amid.

  • Alan

    This cracked me up – brilliant!

  • Scott550

    Reminds me of SCTV’s “Farm Film Report and Celebrity Blow Up” with Big Jim McBob and Billy Saul Hurock.




    • Chris Sobieniak

      Why is it I like what SCTV did before?

    • R. I.

      That’s exactly what came to my mind! “BLOWED UP REAL GOOD!”

  • Riu Tinubu

    this made me so happy.

  • mick

    Thank you Simone Rovellini. That made my day

  • MissConception

    *blinks twice* Well… that was… completely necessary.

  • pootietang

    LOL!! Might as well go home because my day will not get any better than this.

  • Greg Hardin

    Those were hilarious. Co-workers audibly laughed too.

  • kirstenlepore


  • Adriaan

    About 500 times better than the Mickey and Donald short!

  • Marv

    Disney missed making a buck by not getting there first with a video game? They are slipping.

  • Animator606432

    Ha ha, why is this so entertaining to watch? I just keep replaying it over and over.

  • Remarkable Kanoodle

    Does this indicate that the Disney legal department has a new criteria for going after copyright or trademark infringement? Dan O’Neil will be pleased.

    • Barrett

      I think these fall comfortably into the realm of “parody” but you never know when a copyright holder will be a hard case. I think the major studios have in recent years realized it makes more sense to go after only those who seek to make money off of derivative art, and even then, you know many of the “fandom” t-shirts you see for sale at every convention are basically being given a free pass by the IP owners.

  • Vixie

    Bibbity bobbity boom?

  • George Comerci

    omigosh…that was amazing

  • Darlie

    I laughed my head off!

  • CJ

    Call me too realist but with all the terrorist explosions and beheadings in this world this creeps me out. + most violence directed at female characters, also victims in terrorist and other territories…not good. Am optimistically astonished tho, that Disney is letting this pass…