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Japanese Retro-Oswald Figures


Continuing our Japanese theme today, David Gerstein led me to a Japanese website offering some very cool new Mickey Mouse and Disney Oswald vinyl collectible dolls and Kubrick mini-figures. I have no idea if these will offered in the U.S. but I know I want them.

  • Why is it that the Japanese always end up with the coolest cartoon stuff? I still remember that ultra-cool Tex Avery lamp from Japan in the now defunct Whole Toon Catalogue.

  • Wow! Those translated really well from cartoon to 3D. They remind me a bit of the recent Batman Black and White statues. Great stuff.

  • Jenny

    I’ve got that wolf lamp. From the Whole Toon Catalog, as a matter of fact-1990. *evil grin*

    Yes, it’s true: the most desirable animation-themed figures always seem to be from a million miles away in either France or Japan…thank heaven for the internet.

  • Can anyone figure out how tall the vinyl statues of mickey and oswald are?

  • Medicom’s figurines are extremely high quality, eye pleasing and even affordable collectibles, they are very true to the original characters and their appearance in films, you can see they come from an animator’s point of view. Too bad they arn’t easy to get your hands on.
    They Disney Vinyl Collectible series has been running for several years, I bought a few from a store called Toy Tokyo in NYC.
    Search for ‘medicom’ on their website (toytokyo.com)

  • They both look really good, except Mickey’s ears seem a tad too small. Nevertheless, I would like to own these as well!

  • droosan

    Peter Card — Acoording to the japanese Medicom Toy website, the Mickey & Oswald “Vinyl Collectible Dolls” are
    170mm (6.7 inches) tall.

  • The Oswald is the first toy i have wanted in years and years….

    this silly “Dwell” apartment of mine is going to bakc to looking like Bob Fingerman’s anyday now.

    (I have no idea what Bob Fingerman’s apt. looks like. i do know that he loves toys and has a super cool wife. and no tattoos.)

  • Welllll….damn them for not letting US buy ’em! I’d buy an Oswald in a New Orleans second!! Plush OR maquette!!

  • Yudonomi

    That Medicom stuff is always available on eBay. There are a couple of pre-orders up there now.

    There’s a great one called “Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain” that’s done by Medicom.

  • BJ

    I guess I might get a Mickey Kubrick…

    I’ve been hearing about how these Kubricks are “so cute”…etc.

  • Mister Disneyland

    Available, but WHOA!

  • Brew Reader Mark Gibson sent in this information:

    A website that ships to the US, that I order from regularly, has opened up pre-orders for those nice Mickey and Oswald vinyl figures: