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Marge Champion in Life Magazine

Marge Champion

Yesterday’s post about Marge Champion (née Belcher) reminded me of an article in the April 4, 1938 issue of Life about her role in Snow White. The two-page piece has some nice images of her acting alongside Louis Hightower, the movement model for Prince Charming. The article also mentions that “Miss Belcher’s Prince Charming in private life is Arthur Babbitt, one of the Disney animators, whom she married last summer.”

Here’s a reprint of the article:

  • I can hear it now. “I know, Love, Snow White has a full skirt. But, the animators say the swim suit and the tutu, yeh the one that rides up over your rear, it will really, really help with the animation”. The classic, golden age, indeed.

    Marge really is gorgeous, here.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and be the Disney pedant who points out that Prince Charming is Cinderella’s prince, and Snow White’s is simply The Prince. Sorry, I had to.

    Cute article though!