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Mickey Mouse: Bug Killer


Look out, Jiminy Cricket!

I think this promotional paper mask from the 50s, being offer for sale on, is scary enough to kill insects on sight!

(Thanks, Adam Blake)

  • Galen Fott

    Let’s hope they were thinking more along the lines of “Brave Little Tailor”…

  • What made the red mouse red?

  • Spock Foolish

    I think I’ll wear it to frighten the flies away from my big, juicy Mickey Meat patty. Mmmm…

  • uffler mustek

    Wow! seven with one blow!

  • Aw, I think it’s kind of cute. Look at his apple cheeks!

  • I never understood people who think Old MErchanise of Cartoons is better than new ones. At least a Mickey exterminator mask made TODAY would have a better chance of looking less creepy.

  • “Ha-hey kids. Me n’ Pluto here were just about to drag the entire population of Duckburg deep into the damnable commodious catacombs of the Underworld, haHA! C’mon Pluto!”

  • …aren’t mice also considered vermin?

    Just askin’ is all…

  • G

    Scare the pests away.