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Got a postcard from Marv Newland today. He wrote:

The Vancouver Art Gallery is launching a large scale exhibit on May 16th, to run until September 7th. It is called Krazy!, with a tip of the hat to the Kat. Comics, graphic novels, manga, games (computer) and animated films. Tim Johnson of Dreamworks co-curated the film selection and he did a good job!

This installation is tied into co-curator Bruce Grenville’s new book. Art Spiegelman also helped curate the show and will give a talk May 15th (as will Newland, May 20th, on the history of animation in Vancouver). A list of lectures tied into this exhibit is here. If you are in the Northwest, check it out!

  • It’s a shame it’s all up north… sounds like a great event! Hmmmmmm, Marv Newland… wasn’t he “produced by Mr. and Mrs. Newland?” That’s the second funniest screen credit (from his classic Bambi Meets Godzilla) that I know. The funniest? That has to be Hawaii Five O’s “–with Zulu as Kono!”

  • Marv visited New York about a year ago and was an engaging speaker for sure. I’ve never seen anyone so energetic in a Q&A: when the audience ran out of questions, he came up with his own! Definitely someone I’d come out to see again.

  • Chuck R.

    Ravings of a typography geek:
    Marv’s hand-lettering (especially on the name and address) is amazing!
    Jerry, get “Marv Newland of Canada” to design your next book!

  • Ben

    That face looks strikingly similar to the cover of Dan Clowes’ book Caricature.

  • Cool…I’ll be there fer sure.