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MAY 25: Devin Crane’s “Heaven Can Wait” in Paris

Painting by Devin Crane

Devin Crane‘s first solo European show, “Heaven Can Wait,” will open at Galerie Arludik in Paris next week. Crane, whose animation connection is visual development at DreamWorks, focused his slickly stylized series of seventeen paintings around the female form, and if the tanned and fit (some would say emaciated) form of woman that he paints look like they belong on a Southern California beach, it might be because Crane is a lifelong LA native. High fashion plays a central role in these works, with a sprinkling of theologic undertones, if not already evident from the title of the show. More information about the show and paintings can be found at the gallery’s website. Galerie Arludik is located at 12-14, rue St. Louis en l’ÃŽle 75004 Paris. (Please note the opening date has been moved up one day to May 25 because of a planned labor strike in Paris.)

More paintings from the show after the jump:

Painting by Devin Crane

Painting by Devin Crane

Painting by Devin Crane

  • some may say emaciated, i would say fit! i am here to perpetuate stereotypical conceptions of beauty and body image!

    haha these are great though, always great to see an animator’s personal work!

  • Wow, I want to see that exhibit SO BAD! These images are GORGEOUS!

    Too bad it’s in Paris. On my budget, might as well be on the moon.

  • Julian Carter

    Some of those patterns on the ladies’ dresses remind me of Gustav Klimt paintings.

    I agree with Kelseigh. There are gorgeous.

  • Ryan G

    Julian, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

    I too wish I was in Paris to see this.

  • Well, Klimt painted passion. These women are as erotic as Barks’ takes on famous paintings, putting beaks on every character.

    As caricature of a certain type of party girl they’re great.

  • victoria

    I like these, hopefully since gallery nucleus is involved and they just recently put out a sketchbook by Nico Marlet we’ll be seeing more artbooks and sketchbooks from other Dreamworks artists.

  • Shellie K

    Devin is an amazing artist and a super nice guy !
    Congrats to you Devin !

  • The shows I want to see so very badly are always so far out of my reach. What a shame…

    The Klimt Gown is such a great idea that I’m amazed I haven’t seen it before. Someone has to have made one already.