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Report from Platform #4


This is my last report from the Platform Fest in Portland, the last time you’ll see my mug here for a long while. That’s me on the left and award winner Lee Rubenstein (Best Film for the Internet, Secret Life of Robots) holding the coolest animation trophy ever created, The God Of Animation (designed by James Jarvis).

Winners of the festival competition included Aardman’s The Pearce Sisters (Grand Priz award, shared with installation project, No Never Alone), Pen Ward’s Adventure Time (Best Film For Children), and Don Hertzfedlt’s Everything Will Be Okay (Best Film Under $5000). Click here for complete list.

The Awards ceremony and after party, tonight, were a blast. Bill Plympton was the host and guest presenters included Marv Newland, Danny Antonucci, Gary Rydstrom and Will Vinton. I’m a bit too tired at the moment to write a full report, but the entire week was an incredible success. But let it be known: a new major animation festival has been born.

  • A huge congratulations to my good friend, Lee!

  • Bill Field

    It’s just almost hard to put into words how tremendous it is that Platform was a success. It took a huge financial commitment from Cartoon Network. It’s easy for us to criticize their problems and mistakes, but it should be trumpeted when they give birth to a festival that may have a huge role in the future of animation as a whole. Jerry, you were one of the few that announced this, and I applaud the great updates from Portland.

  • To Lee: congratulations on your victory.
    To Jerry: I have a feeling Lee is going to talk about this all year.

  • doug holverson

    So why does the God of Animation look like Homer Simpson with three eyeballs and six arms?

    Vaguely reminds me of my “Atonal Muse” that I drew back in the late ’80s with a Myoo/Valkerye/Assyrian War Goddess groove going on.

  • Frank Love

    Have you seen THE PEARCE SISTERS?- terrific!
    It has everything in 10mins and then you are left reflecting on relationships, the story, did I really see that,…….
    The art work is fantastic – the detail and atmosphere – can you get prints?