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The Big Contest next week

The Presidential sweepstakes isn’t the only big contest being held next week. Cartoon Brew will hold several contests next week with prizes to help ease the pain (or add to the joy) of the U.S. election results.

On Monday we will offer several pairs of free tickets to AFI Fest events in Los Angeles, including passes to Bill Plympton’s latest feature, Idiots and Angels and the acclaimed Israeli animated film, Waltz With Bashir.

For those unable to attend the L.A. screenings, our Tuesday contest will offer my new art book, The Art of Madagascar as prizes and on Thursday (no contest on Wednesday) we will give away several sets of the new Hanna-Barbera Mini-Books (pictured below) from Insight Editions.

The contests will be posted at 9am (Pacific Time) 12 noon (eastern Time) on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Check in on us at that time.

  • Greg Chenoweth

    These look great and hopefully other H-B characters will get mini-books as well; like Huck and Yogi.

    HOWEVER! Someone at Insight needs to edit their web pages. Here is a direct copy and paste from the website:

    “Celebrate of sixty-five years of Hanna-Barbera’s animated antics with exclusive stories of the greatest shows in cartoon history” The typos are not mine. I just copied directly from the site.

    BUT THE BIGGEST ONE is at the bottom of the page where it asks people to buy all three books:

    “BUT THE SET FOR $24.95!” Once again, this is a direct quote from the website.

  • Bryan

    If one desires the Hanna-Barbara Mini Books the most, should he/she skip the contest-op on Tuesday and wait till Thursday, especially according the the Brew’s new once-a-year contest win thing?

  • Bryan – Yes, if you most desire a specific prize, I’d advise entering only the contest for that prize.

  • Bryan

    Cool thanks Jerry! Also OT I wanted to say I saw Mark Evanier being interviewed among other writers on CNN Headline News.