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TOMORROW IN LA: UP Lecture at Gallery Nucleus

Up Art by Ronnie del Carmen
I swear, Pixar isn’t paying us to post all these news items about their film products, but frankly, it’d be kind of nice if they did. Tomorrow afternoon between 2-5pm, Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra will be hosting a lecture with Ronnie del Carmen, who was story supervisor and lead story artist on UP. In addition to discussing his work on the film, del Carmen will be signing copies of The Art of UP as well as the tie-in storybook that he illustrated called My Name is Dug, and a new personal book, There You Are. Admission is FREE. More details on the Gallery Nucleus website.

  • I go by many names

    Thanks for the heads up. Looks like fun.

  • Gah. I’ve been casually following Gallery Nucleus I think since it opened. First I miss the Great Great Grand show, then Kazu’s class, and now this!
    One more reason to finish school in Detroit and rush to California as fast as possible.

  • OtherDan

    From what I saw, it was cool. Ronnie was likable and funny. There was some good insight about the art direction-like how they would use the horizon level to reflect the emotional state of a character. It’s always nice to hear the extent at which they go to craft a film. And, apparently, they did some dangerous research for this film in Venezuela. And, the story struggles were pinched by financial concerns.