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I am not sure if this French production, Baidir, is a proposed TV series or a feature film – but it’s damn nice looking:

  • F

    Looks beautiful. Apparently it’s a teaser for a series, according to the creator’s own comment:
    “we are currently looking for financing… it ‘s a tv serie project 26 episodes of 26 minutes … “

  • TheGunheart

    The basic look of the characters is a little cliche, but good god does this, along with The Secret of Kells, do wonders with 2D computer animation.

  • Beautiful colors. Very Tekkon Kinkkret but softer with a children’s illustrated storybook feel. Looks like it’s being pitched as a series and they’re looking for funding (via the vimeo poster’s comment). I’d watch it regardless of what format it’s in though!

  • Lee

    wow that pretty badass! it’s so stylish @@

  • I agree with TheGunHeart, this is stellar 2D animation and design.

    I’d see it in whatever format it comes out in.

    Best of luck to them, it looks beautiful.

  • That’s just beautiful. I love the look and the colour and, had you shown me stills, I would have been skeptical they could make it look as nice in motion but they’ve done it. Really lovely.

  • Someone must pick this up, and not ruin it. It will be spectacular.

    I can see it turning into something awful with executive meddling, though. I’m sure there’s just as much of that in France as there is here in the states.

  • AaronSch

    I agree Jessica, it reminds me of the opening sequence of Tekkon Kinkreet as well. I hope they are successful in obtaining financing. It is a lovely piece of animation…even a bit mesmerizing.

  • This looks amazing!
    HOw did you hear about this gem from overseas?
    I am continually impressed by non US based animation groups who are continuing to carry the medium of animation forward in new ways.
    Kudos to the team who created this project and have brought it to the public!

  • Doofus

    :O That looks cool!

  • Billy Batz

    what would we do without Tekkon Kinkreet?

  • Very nice! Great artistic style..As soon as i hit play on the immediately struck me as a similar style to some student films over the past year or two, for example Apres La Pluie and This one time by Nelson Boles…

    And lo and behold, a couple of the guys credited on this, came from Gobelins. A couple of them worked on ‘Apres La Pluie’.

    I look forward to seeing more from this anyway. Thanks for posting it up.

  • C

    Actually, the 2D/3D hybrid look, the not-quite-anime character designs, the sense of environment (and specifically the background in the last shot), and the sumptuous color design remind me of the fantastic French-Japanese collaboration Oban Star-Racers. Why are the Europeans so good at these things?

  • I have the chance to work with one of the guy who has worked on the BG for this project, Manu Tanon Tchi. You might know him for the short “after the rain ” done during his animation studies at gobelins animation school . his link

  • C

    Wow, thanks for that link, Ahmed. That must have been a pleasure, his work is stunning!

  • Brian

    Wow, this looks great! Jerry, thanks for your positive outlook and constructive posts that shine a light on what’s great about animation. It’s nice to read posts that light a candle rather than curse the darkness.

  • drawsallday

    Gorgeous… again the french kickin some serious backside… I’ll be pleased as punch when the day comes that a studio here in the states will start doing stuff like this, great color.. beautiful animation, fun design ( simple and effective and not cluttered ) Crossing my fingers that this will happen for them

  • Cool, I really liked the music 8)

  • matt

    Yep I got the Tekkon Kinkreet vibe too. Which is a good thing!

  • Mesterius

    I wanna see this… Someone must simply finance it and let the creators do their thing.

  • Amazing. It was like eating a bunch of M&Ms with my eyes, instead of my mouth :-D

  • J

    So rich. Hope the story makes sense….

  • Steve Gattuso

    Lovely work. I hope they get their financing.

  • Viridis

    The French are just doing amazing things with animation lately, it seems. I would definitely love to see this as its own series.

  • mitten

    very promising…but has the global web/pilot/pitch formula worked? Could that be the future of new content? Since we all know how well imagnation works when competing for ad revenue, ratings, and idiotic self-congratulatory tv execs. I hope these folks meet some animation loving millionaire or venture capitalist so we can see more of this…

  • Arthur

    Does the song played in the background have a name??

  • Ridgecity

    Looks like Hayao Miyazaki’s recent work mixed with some 90’s Disney. Hope this gets sponsors with $$.

  • Love the backgrounds!

  • Fabio Stanza

    My only problem with that is :
    1) it’s only artwork. not a pilot series.
    2) the main character look like another french production, The podcats (Mimo the drummer looks like it).
    3) In fact, it’s the same designer ;) so no way to get a tv show or animated product with the same character design ^^ and without a scenario ^^

  • Hi ! first of all, thanks to all ! We did this trailer for the Annecy festival where we were selected for the TV series projects pitches. We are always looking for production studios and tv channel so don’t hesitate to talk about BAIDIR around you :) Fabio Stanza you are right but the character of this serie was done by the same designer and inspired by Baidir, so don’t worry :)

  • Ho ! and one more things to answer to Fabio, it’s not a pulot series but just a small trailer, we dit that whithout any financing in our free time … We already have the 26 mn pilot script and can’t wait to do it :) (with some money :) !!!!

  • I saw this, and I am in love. This art for this teaser is gorgeous. The style is so pleasing to look at, and the quality is so high. I’ve already told my fellow animation students and others about this. :) Even though it may not help much, I’ll try my best to garner as much support for this as I can~

  • Man, the French are doing such great work these days. I’m already hooked on the Wakfu series, and I’m dying to see A Town Called Panic, then this comes along.

    More like this, please, France!

  • Max Bartsch

    I Really love this, i cannot wait to see if it progresses i certainly hope it does. The music goes perfectly with the movement and the Color, i really wish i knew what this song was called. Goodluck France I`m praying for you!

  • Ian

    Does anybody know if they’ve gone into production yet? I’ve been dying to watch it…

  • Adam VM

    Whatever happened with this? It’s too good to just gather dust!

  • Hello everyone !
    The project is still on track … but the surest way to do a better show is to take time :)
    You can join the new Facebook fanpage of BAIDIR :

    Thx to you all !


  • Hello all ! This is official … BAÏDIR is an ANKAMA project.