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“Escape From Planet Earth” trailer

Greatest. 7-Eleven. Product Placement. EVER! Directed by Cal Brunker, Escape From Planet Earth opens on Valentines Day, February 14th, 2013 from The Weinstein Company and Rainmaker Entertainment.

  • Sotiris

    So, is this the sequel to Monsters vs. Aliens or the sequel to Planet 51?

    • Funkybat

      I think it’s both, and I’m more interested in seeing it than I was in either of its “forebears.” Looks like fun!

  • Eman

    So, kinda the opposite of Planet 51.
    Seems almost ironic.

    Also not very good. Hope y’all like the same jokes we’ve seen repeated over the past 10 years because this looks like it’s ready to bounce right out of the mill to join the rest of the boring shlock.

    • Dan Tanna

      Lord. The trailer is just miserable rehashed dreck. Pixar movies are miracles compared to most releases.

  • This is so clever and cute looking, I can’t wait to go watch it with my unborn children and non-existing wife..what a great wholesome family fun movie. Way to go whoever made this….keep up the awesome work..I give it A+A

  • Paul M

    “Greatest. 7-Eleven. Product Placement. EVER!”

    I think there’s going to be an Oscar category for that this year.

    • Dan Tanna

      I will avoid this movie at all costs.

  • Mapache

    Have you ever watch a movie and go -Hey! That scene was made only for the trailer…-. I’m feeling like that right now.

  • wow negative comments everyone. i know im gunna be seeing this movie in theaters. and for the hardships this movies gone through to get made i think rainmaker should get some respect.

    • Every film goes through a load of hardships to get made.

    • Sarah J

      Going through hardships doesn’t make a movie good. Yes, I can respect the filmmakers for making it through big obstacles to finish a film, but I won’t act like the movie is better than it really is.

  • Planet-51-ripoff

    the characters are just TOO boring. They came straight out of planet 51, and just….gosh…they are all in the cliche’ acting bubble. All their takes and character choices are dull. Nothing interesting here.

    If planet 51 didnt do well, what makes them think a rip-off in reverse will?

  • ikas

    Escape from the theater…

  • wever

    Okay. I’m prepared for this result of several years of troubled production. – _ –

  • Animation and art looks nice. But the writing seems just as generic and juvenille as Planet 51.

  • Mike

    I couldn’t decide whether to make a joke about how this is the most bland, vanilla CG I’ve ever seen, or how this is coming out on Valentine’s Day and would be a laughably terrible date movie. At this point, I guess I’ll do neither.

    • Joel

      I imagine that the couple who sees this movie on Valentine’s Day would remain celibate for the duration of their relationship.

  • Mitch K

    One more reason to fund The Goon kickstarter.

  • Skip

    When Elvis started making movies Colonel Parker made him sign a contract that obligated Elvis to do a series of films that were mostly crap because Colonel Parker reasoned that people will pay to see a movie because it’s starring Elvis regardless of how bad the movie ends up being. At first the Colonel was right, but soon after people caught on and the movies did progressively worse at the box office. Animated films have the ability to generate a lot of revenue, but when there are animated films that come out which are transparent in revealing to the emphasis on the project was to make a buck, things like story and character development begin to feel like an after thought. The end result is that the pool becomes contaminated, and less people will be excited about swimming in it.
    When I was a kid there were only a couple of animated films at best that made it to theatres every year, and whenever a new one was released it always felt like a special event was taking place. The impact that animated films like this will have on the general public, is equal to taking something that’s magical and making it feel about as special as a trinket at a tourist souvenir gift shop. Hence all of the above comments.

  • Baron Lego

    With all the artistic talent in the animation industry, it’s kinda remarkable/sad that we can’t get get some interesting alien designs in a film like this instead of the bland-erific ones they’re using.

    Although to be fair, said designs may simply be the end result of executive meddling and “creativity by committee”… which tends to turn unique designs and ideas into more typical and uninspired forms.

    • Matthew Koh

      Don’t worry. We’ll just have to wait until somebody breaks the mold.

  • Glowworm

    Okay, I’ll admit, the gag where the one alien was attempting to revive the wacky inflatable waving arms guy was amusing. Also, I agree, while this may not be the best animated movie–it definately is the greatest 7-11 product placement ever.

  • Steve M.

    It’s gonna succeed about as well as Plant 51 did. The first minute gave me a headache.

  • James

    So, wait…did that one guy successfully sue the Weinstein company over this movie (the one that had the hilarious anecdote about Weinstein eating M&Ms off the floor during a screening)?

    Anyways, I await to see what Weinstein hath wrought!

  • CG Animator

    Ya’know I feel the same way about this trailer as I did about ‘Planet 51’… the animation is technically good (ie it’s fluid, nice overlap, good lip sync, no pops or clicks etc.), and the animators are obviously talented but the animation acting feels very “out of the can” and cliched, like they are recycling poses and acting choices from first-year animation student dialogue tests.

    But I have to admit the brain-freeze gag made me chuckle. That was well done. Maybe it’ll be decent.

  • Sarah J

    Is that big orange alien played by Jane Lynch? She’ll accept any role, won’t she? Oh well. LOVED HER in Wreck-it-Ralph, I like hearing her in voice acting.

    Anyway… I admit, I think the animation and some of the character designs look okay. But everything else, it looks like a reverse version of Planet 51. Incredibly cliche in just about every aspect, and boring as hell. I’m almost certainly gonna pass on this one.

  • Richard

    You might think this is derivative and poorly designed, unfunny and cliched, but remember, that’s what they said about Planet 51!

  • Stefan

    Judging from the comments I almost dreaded pressing play, but I must say I quite enjoyed this charming little trailer. By no means does it seem to be breaking any new ground but sure looks a lot better than a lot of other CGI dreck out there. Cute character design and some slightly inspired jokes. What more can you ask for these days?

    • Dan Tanna

      Charming? It has as much charm as a dead leprechaun.

  • What can I say? I’m a UFO buff so I know I’ll eventually rent it on Blockbuster ;)

    • Funkybat

      Judging from the comments on here, I suspect my own affinity for UFOs/aliens/paranormal stuff may have influenced me to be more enthusiastic about this movie than I would be were it to star, say, elves or generic talking animals.

  • Well, this is one of those trailers that gives away all the plot points. So there’s no point in even seeing the movie.

    By the way, wasn’t there a lot of controversy surrounding this movie?

    • RickyB

      Does it?! Maybe in so much as the title does. “They escape… from planet earth!! Case closed.”

      This trailer does what most animated trailers do, sets up an easy narrative to follow and tries to get a couple giggles for the kids to chew into. Hardly “all the plot points” though.

      You might be surprised by some of the heart in the flick. Maybe a tawdry romance between big blue and the inflatable wavy guy, with allegory into some of today’s biggest social issues!

      • 1) one of the main characters is captured by the humans
        2) the brother tries to rescue him, but gets captured as well
        3) with the help of his new friends, they all go home

        It’s predictable, but sure something like the characters could make it interesting to watch. I still think this trailer gives away too much. As much as I like seeing a small production take a stab at the big guys like Pixar, I have absolutely no interest in seeing this movie.

  • Tobias Hamslapper

    Hey Kiddies,

    Keep in mind that this movie was made for around one fifth the budget of a big studio picture, and about a third that of Despicable Me. I have worked on films at all levels of budget and success(200 mill to 20 mill), and my experience on this film was fantastic. From Producer and director down to PA, everyone fought like hell to wring everything we could out of the tiny sack of cash left after all the chaos. I totally understand many of your comments, based on what you have been shown, but I hope you give this film a chance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and very entertained.

    • Dan Tanna

      A smaller budget needs to be offset by greater creativity, otherwise the movie has nothing to offer the public. Aim for the niche audience!

  • victoria

    Yeah..I’m just gonna watch Paul again for the 50th time instead.

  • Reggie Reggie

    This film looks charming and good. Kudos to the people who fought for it.

    • Reggie Reggie

      (it’s gonna be a sleeper!)

  • meridian

    I agree with the originality complaint. Just as it’s hard to find an original idea/story in film, it’s now become equally if not more tough to find an original idea or story in animation. That set aside, the animation and effects look good, as well as character designs. One of the things I find jarring is the voices attached to the animation. It just falls flat. Some actors/actresses have a knack for it and are able to give life to their characters. A lot don’t. And none of the characters really make me want to get invested in this movie.

  • Noisy.

  • Sarah

    My friend and I saw the trailer for this when we went to go see Wreck-it Ralph (good movie btw) and we both agreed that this movie looks LAME.

  • Kiko Barahona

    Give it a chance, jeez. If you guys put half your effort into shaming Adam Sandler from relasing any more cinematic turds on the screens…
    At the very least (looks) kids-friendly, no milking-the-male-ram jokes that Blue Sky likes so much.

  • surf

    Opening today- nothing else out there for the long weekend. Worth noting.

  • Bobert Johanson

    I did not like this movie. Along with how generic and basic the plot is, we’ve been having aliens landing on planet earth and taken by the government for YEARS, the dramatic incline slowly went up, and ended at a steep cliff. In other words, they take so long progressing the problem and making it worst, they made the resolution quick and easy. While watching it, I watched as the problem slowly grew and waited for a nice and gradual resolution. 10 minutes after the problem had ended, BANG, it’s solved and the movie ended. I was literally digging in my pockets to find my “That was Easy” button that I conveniently bring everywhere. To many of these kinds of movies, give us something different.