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“Long Way North” trailer

Here’s some exciting footage from Longway North, a proposed animated feature in development from director Rémi Chayé (storyboards, The Secret of Kells, assistant director, Le Tableau), writers Claire Paoletti and Patricia Valeix, and Paris-based Sacrebleu Productions. Something new to keep our eye on…

  • David Wolter

    Wow! Just wow. That looks incredible.

  • Billy Batz

    Its the same girl that’s in Brave! Oh, wait, different hair color.

    • axolotl

      Maybe so, but the backgrounds look a whole lot better.=p
      This looks beautiful, I hope they get to finish the movie so I can see it!

    • I think unless they ought and ought made an ugly, stupid, weak willed girl, it’d be hard not to have most young lead women in an animated film have certain broad similiarities. And sadly historically it’s gonna take a while before the amount of strong willed, independent women in films outnumber the weak, one dimensional ones that our history has had

      • HM

        Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a story about an ugly, stupid, weak-willed girl growing into someone better. The ‘strong-willed, independent’ type seems to be the only female character type ‘allowed’, but I have to admit, they’re wearing on me…

        Plus, while they’re still ‘strong-willed and independent’, that still tends to come off as overcompensation for their being a girl. Which I didn’t think was the idea.

  • Now that’s refreshing. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Jay Sabicer

    I liken this to animated screen-printed poster art — very striking. I hope the story and characters can live up to the aesthetics of the art direction.

    • Matt B

      My Aesthetic Rant
      Yes reality is ‘a / the’ source, but it shouldn’t inevitably be the product. We need a simplified version of reality & implied complexity over actual complexity.

      The moment you downplay one thing you automatically let other things start to speak for or instead of it. Example: Vital expressive anatomy like eyes, mouths ect. Without using them (IE: Obscuring them) or only using limited versions of them you must learn & invent new ways to communicate, emote & project with what you have

      Another example:
      It’s no good if you’re fighting a campaign to have all the information on every plant species that grows in the terrain of battle (it’s too much abstract detial), what you need is to know the specifics of where certain things are that matter to you, and so you have a map with little flags. No, it’s not reality, but it works better.

  • Uli Meyer

    How refreshing! That’s the way forward for 2D animation, keep it graphic, simple and beautiful. I pray the makers of this put the same effort into telling a solid story.

  • Matt B

    Said it before & I’ll say it again…

    Oh Animation, what on Earth would we ever do without those French? Clearly… not enough

  • tomm

    Remi is super talented – just an amazing draughtsman, story guy and and incredibly hard worker. He and his equally talented team will surely deliver something incredible. Mark my words .

  • Wouter

    Great to see the French willing to take these kind of bold designs to feature film.

    Correction in article: *Le Tableau, not La Tableu

  • Mélanie

    What a beautiful teaser! So many exciting feature projects in the works over in europe…

    (Just a note though, “La Tableu” should read “Le Tableau”.)

  • Nic

    The transition from the ‘look’ into the running horse immediately made me think ‘Mulan’ Now I really can’t get the comparison out of my head.

    This art style is gorgeous. I hope we see this hit theaters soon.

  • m(_ _)m

    As incredible as this looks, the studio site pins it with a release date of 2014 :(

    But at least we now know 2014 is going to be a great year for animation.

  • murray bain

    AMAZING.But that indirock score doesn’t match the power of the images, needs something like
    …not that they could afford Hans Zimmer!

  • Tim Douglas


  • Dana T

    Hhoollyyy crap that was AWESOME! I really hope to see this on the big screen someday : D

  • For some reason it makes me wish that the new Tin Tin would have looked like this. Something in the way it’s graphic but also epic that makes it seem fitting.

    Anyway, all the luck to the makers! The Secret of Kells was awesome.