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“Rio” Dominates Overseas, “Hop” Rules the US


The big box office story this week: Blue Sky’s Rio opened in 72 countries with an estimated total of $55 million. Its strongest territory was Russia (no surprise) where it earned $11.3 million, the strongest opening in that country since last November’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It also grossed $8.4 million in Brazil making it the country’s top opening ever for an American film. More details on Box Office Mojo:

Rio didn’t fly very high outside of Russia and Latin America. Europe, in particular, greeted the lively birds with only lukewarm figures; Germany led the way with $2.6 million, while the United Kingdom and Spain added $2.5 million and $2.2 million, respectively. The movie earned $3.5 million in China, which was twice as much as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, but was still not spectacular given the size of the market. Rio also tallied $2.4 million in Australia.

The opening, said Fox International co-presidents Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus, is “a fantastic start for a new franchise.” In other words, Fox is already planning for sequels, even though the film won’t open in the US until next week.

At the US box office, Illumination Entertainment’s Hop remained in first place for the second weekend in a row. The film grossed a relatively modest $21.3M (final) pushing its two week total to $67.8M. Rango landed in 11th place with $2.3M and a six-week total of $117.5M, while Paul finished in 13th place with $1.7M for a four-week total of $35.1M.

  • Toonio

    Kudos to all the people in Blue Sky for portraying South America in such a positive way.

    Brazil once again shines on an animated feature.

    • J.M. Urbina

      Don´t mean to sound like an radical activist or a party pooper.
      But the movie is in part advertised by CHIQUITA BANANA the company responsible for THOUSANDS, thousads of killings in the Pacific coast of Colombia.

      Please Wiki:Banana Massacre.

      So being a Colombian myself but also a lover of good Animation I´m conflicted by the ethic dilemma of whether or not I should go see this picture.

      • 2011 Adult

        Thousands, thousands of… what? And why?

        I go to get breakfast this morning and thinking about how Rio is everywhere this week, and then I look at my banana. … *sigh* Yeah.

      • Lilo

        J.M. Urbina, perhaps you should wait until it shows up on TV.

      • J.M. Urbina

        Thousands and Thousands of a certain kind of animal that walks on two legs ,speaks and apparently thinks I think they´re called Humans.

        But this film is about Brazil so who cares.

      • Toonio

        Hey J.M.

        Your comment is more than welcome my friend.

        I’m aware of the wrong doings of all the mayor fruit packing companies in South America. However I still wonder how the @#(#$! Blue Sky fell for it!

        Sure I know all movie makers have to find financing for their projects but c’mon!

        This reminds me of that Entourage episode where they show a mayor weapon dealer giving money to produce one of Vince’s

      • Austin Papageorge

        “Don´t mean to sound like an radical activist or a party pooper.”

        You failed in that regard when you brought up the misdeeds of “CHIQUITA BANANA”. (By the way, why’d you but that in all caps?)

  • 2011 Adult

    Sequels? International releases? Crowd-pleasing cliches used hundreds of time in past animated films? This is making it look less like the director’s inspiration from his native upbringing and more like a product of tourist advertising. I will still see it though.

  • I watched this weekend. I loved the movie and especially the colors and music.
    Watch it worth it.
    Visit my blog:

  • Kudos to all the talented artists at Blue Sky. And it was nice of Pixar to loan them their Helen Parr model ;)

    • tonma

      that same girl has made the parts of Helen Parr, ginormica in monsters vs aliens, that whinny kid in bolt, and got bigger eyes operation for cloudy. she’s a versatile template all right, but I’m getting bored of seeing her in every movie….

      • snip2435

        By– GOD. It’s the same freelance actress! I knew it! Good to see she’s soaking up a monopoly of work!

  • victoria

    “A fantastic start for a new franchise”

    *rolls eyes and walks away*

    • Matt Bell


      I’m 110% with you on this.

      Why do these people always take an apathetic approach to film making.

    • How about waiting until the movie comes out before making your snarky, half assed assumptions?

      Geez, some people just don’t give these things a chance..

      • snip2435

        The movie IS ALREADY out. In foreign countries.

        Yes, I’m too used to thinking the US gets all the domestic movies first too.

    • Gobo

      There’s nothing “apathetic” about making an animated film that’s not a sequel nor based on an existing property, having a very successful opening weekend, and predicting that your film will do well enough to warrant at least one sequel.

      • Matt Bell

        @Gobo & others:

        I have no problem with this movie or Blue Sky Studios.
        The folks there do ‘A’ grade work.

        My problem is with those brainless Fox Execs who exuberantly state that a sequel is warranted after the first weekend of the movies release.

        I ‘assume’ that almost all of the artist who worked on this movie would gladly seek to do something else before ever attempting to cobble up a sequel or start a franchise.

        It is this lack of vision and faith in the artists at the studio by executives and the ‘movie money men’ that I find apathetic and worth of an eye roll.

  • Roland Denby

    I’m curious about all the sarcasm. The movie doesn’t open (here in the U.S.) until next weekend. All I have seen is a few commercials. How do you all seem to know that the movie is going to be so bad??

  • snake

    Saw it over the weekend and it was very enjoyable. I liked how this film started in a slower pace and took time to establish the premise and setting and character backgrounds. It’s not a typical ‘funny animated cartoon’ but rather a nice little romantic comedy done with animation. Kudos to BlueSky for expanding what an animated film could be! Plus I really liked how some of the shots were staged – very reminiscent of classic black and white era films in some parts. Loved the landscape and details in the favela and the carnival sequence was just epic! Congrats to all those who worked on this.

  • Light as a Feather

    Congratulations to the talented crew at Blue Sky!

    I’ve seen Rio. It is wonderful. Lighthearted,Colorful, jovial and celebratory. Its the perfect medicine for negative, snarky CB discussion topics

  • Gary Flinn

    Could the fact that it’s a Fox release have anything to do with the poor domestic box office performance of “Rio”?

    • Austin Papageorge

      If “domestic performance” means the USA, where Rio was made, it’s hard to say what Fox has to do with it, considering that Rio isn’t even out in that country yet.

  • Josh

    Just my opinion and it looks like a lot of other people don’t agree but I found Rio to be one of the most cliched, pedestrain, boring animated films I’ve ever had to sit through. There were musical numbers that went nowhere and were only in it to pimp Will.I.Am (along with the generic characterisation). The monkeys look like the aborted early concepts of the monkeys from Madagascar, had absolutely no real reason to be in the film other than “hey ppl like those monkeys in Madagascar”.

    The emotional scene where the main girl character is outside the house sobbing after losing her parrot was one of the most unconvincing pieces of animation I’ve seen because it didn’t for an instant feel sincere.

    Wow I can’t beleive I sound so harsh and pesemistic about a film but that’s how it left me feeling…..I think after Rango I think i expect more from animation now.

    • I completely agree with this, including the comment about Rango being great.

      Rio was fantastic to look at, but that’s the only thing it had. There is no reason why it couldn’t have worked, there was potential in some of the characters and gags, but most of it didn’t work and felt unsincere both in the emotion and the comedy departments. I actually love how the character looked and the settings, so it shouldn’t be so difficult to make me care about/laugh with them a little more.

      It makes sense that it’s called Rio cause the backgrounds were the only interesting “character” in the film.