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Tim Burton’s 3D stop-mo Addams Family

Chris Meledandri and his Universal-based Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me) have acquired the rights to Charles Addams famous cartoon family for Tim Burton to direct as a stop-mo 3D feature film. Michael Fleming at Deadline Hollywood has the scoop.

The article also outlines Universal’s future animated feature release plans: the April 1, 2011 release of I Hop with Russell Brand voicing the Easter Bunny; the Ricky Gervais creation Flanimals coming later 2011. Planned for 2012 is Where’s Waldo and Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

  • This feels so right :)

  • humming

    This line-up makes me more hopeful for Illumination, after their somewhat vague description of Despicable Me from the teasers. I LOVE more Dr. Seuss adaptations, and would love seeing the Addams Family back! Burton’s doing TWO stop-motion features now!

  • This might actually be a good movie. Tim Burton’s directing style would fit perfectly with Charles Addams’s characters.

  • Lucky Jim

    Stop-motion, Charles Addams, and Tim Burton? All in one package? Sign me up!

  • fishmorgjp

    Dr.Seuss’ The Lorax? Oh lord, they’re not going to put Jim Carrey in that one, too…?

  • Klyph

    Tim Burton: Not directing anything original since 1990.

  • Paul N

    I hope that the character design leans more towards Addams’ sensibilities than Burton’s. Nothing wrong with Burton’s style, but if you’re going to do Addams Family, they should look like Addams’ designs.


    This feels to perfect. Like a film created in a board room. Any stop-mo movie will get my $10, but I wish we were moving away from these tired ideas and more towards films like “Mary and Max.”


  • I think Burton is all wrong for this.

    Addams characters are distinctly Chas. Addams. Burton’s characters are always distinctly Burton.

    He’s not the kind of filmmaker who embodies others’ visions, he’s turns everything into his own.

    It may turn out to be a good film, but it will not likely be a good adaptation of Addams.

  • yessss don’t stop bringin’ that stop motion!

  • troy j. reyes

    yes! i just hope he doesnt direct it-produce it dont direct-he loves stop motion and hes found some great stop motion directors-i hope he continues that trend, i do so dearly love the original charles addams strip.

  • Mitchell Craig

    Oh, hell yes!

    I would so be on this like ugly on an ape!

    If you’ll pardon my French.

  • I’m not going to get my hopes up. I mean, is Johnny Depp going to be Gomez Addams? He and Burton seem to be attached at the hip (to the detriment of them both).

  • Pencil Pushy

    Addam’s drawings would translate beautifully as stop motion puppets, but I can’t help feeling that some executive decision will force them to become “Burton-ized” .

    I also hope they keep the subtle, clever humor of the original cartoons instead of going the Hot Topic “faux-Spooky” route.

  • Where’s Waldo movie? What the heck.

    Addams Family sounds good though.

  • Paul

    The stop motion piques my interest.

    But after having suffered through everything else Tim Burton has “re-imagined” this past decade I can’t get too excited. I mean somehow this guy made Planet of the Apes and Alice in Freakin Wonderland be BORING. Why oh why Tim Burton do you keep letting that College Humor video speak the truth about you?

  • Ron

    Univeral a very ambitious line-up for a company that just shut down their animation department.

  • The Lorax thing really bugs me… But can’t wait to see stuff for the Addams Family. I hope though, that the end product has a unique look as opposed to what’s become “Standard Burton”. Sometimes when I remember that Burton directed Batman, I just can’t believe it. LoL

  • Michael F.

    At least it sounds better than that Addams Family Musical that I heard was playing in Chicago. You know, that one with Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth.

  • elle

    I’m more concerned about the story, honestly, than the Burton-izing … Corpse Bride was a disaster.

  • CurlehMustache

    It’s rare to have new animation film news that REALLY excites me. Happy day! Oh, and long live Raul Julia!

  • humming

    “Tim Burton: Not directing anything original since 1990.”

    The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993
    Cabin Boy, 1994
    Ed Wood, 1994
    Corpse Bride, 2005 (granted, it’s inspired by old folktales and not from any particular source)

    Geez, I go away for two hours, come back, and THEN the Burton haters post!

  • diego

    Tim Burton hasn’t directed anything good since Ed Wood.

    Please, somebody return to us the original Tim Burton, this one is a bad copy who likes CGI but doesn’t know how to use it.

  • Scarabim

    To me, the true Addams Family is the sitcom that aired many years ago. I saw it as a kid, and I freaking loved it. John Astin WAS Gomez (fie on Raul Julia!), dark but jovial, and Carolyn Jones WAS Morticia – a vampire with the face of an angel (eat that, Stephenie Meyer!) Plus Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester = Curly Howard crossed with Beetlejuice. And that theme song!!! And Thing! And Lurch! Bliss. I hated the movie versions – they utterly lacked the zany grace of the series. Suffice it to say this new version already can’t cut it with me. I’ve already seen the Addams Family at its macabre best, so I’ll be giving a pass to this also-ran.

  • I remember the lorax cartoon from elementary school. that thing moved me (haha. i havent seen it since then so i dont know..) I also hope that its not just another jim carey thing even though i really like Horton hears a who…….
    as for tim burton i agree that this sounds same old same old (though im all for addams family stop motion) I wanna see him do something like big fish again or an original concept…

  • Charlie

    Staring Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp, Zooey Deschanel, and Johnny Depp.

  • That just up His alley !!!

  • Klyph

    @ humming

    The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993 -Henry Selick directed
    Cabin Boy, 1994 – Adam Resnick directed and wrote with Chris Elliot
    Ed Wood, 1994 – Based off a Novel and a real person
    Corpse Bride, 2005 (inspired by old folktales) – Like you said

    But in 100% fairness I’ll change my quote to:

    Tim Burton: Not directing anything original since 1990, but wrote and produced a really good cartoon 17 years ago.

  • Deaniac

    For all of those negative people here, think of it this way.
    Robert Zemeckis could be directing it and it could be mo-cap.

    That being said, a stop motion Addams Family film sounds like a great idea.

  • Jessica Britton

    I’ve always thought a Henry Selick stop motion Addams Family film could be a lot of fun. Let Selick work his magic and get Paul Rudnick, to write it, with Burton directing.

  • tom

    Did not see Wes Anderson’s “Fox”, but would be more interested to see what he could do with it. Bill Murray voicing Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow as Morticia….

  • tom

    Maybe Bill Murray as Fester, and Jason Schwartzman as Gomez…

  • Universal has two properties in the bank that would lend themselves beautifully to animation: Cats and Wicked. Furthermore, they would lend themselves extremely well to TRADITIONAL animation. Of course, they’ll probably want to do them live-action….big mistake IMHO.

  • justin rasch

    WOOOO hOOOOO!!!!!

  • Klay


    No. That’s being done by John Boorman:

  • Klay

    And “Cats” would need a story, first. Let’s hope they don’t do that god-awful musical. Same with “Wicked.” Stephan Schwartz is a better lyricist than he is a tunesmith.

  • Chris B

    I’ll Take it and hopefully he will recruit Henry Selik as well! :) wishful thinking …. I’ll take it over Speedy G that’s for sure.

  • Robert Barker

    Wow! Build Tim Burton up, then knock him down. Actually I think he’s perfect for the atmospheric Addams Family. It would be good for him to break away from his little acting troupe and go with some novel voices. (No Depp, No Bonham Carter). His greatest triumphs are when he contrasts hum-drum, primary colored reality with oddness. (His life story). The strength of the TV show was the Addams Family living among the straight world. And those Raul Julia/Angelica Houston movies weren’t that bad. But the black and white Addams Family TV world was a lot of fun, cara mia.

  • At first I was like “Oh NO!” (because I had assumed it was going to be CGI, blech) and then I saw “stop-motion” and I was a little bit relieved. :)
    It’s a bit early for me to be REALLY excited or REALLY skeptical. I just HOPE Harry Selnick is involved in this movie!

    “The Lorax”? I thought it was a worth1000words movie poster parody. I didn’t know they were ACTUALLY doing it. D:

  • Greg Ehrbar

    Hmm. No mention of a new “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.” Maybe next year.

  • IAN

    Remaking the Lorax? I know I should be mad. But at this point I am just numb to this sort of stuff now.

    Hollywood, please make a Fraggle Rock movie and have Gobo played by Vince Vaughn. It would be a quick and complete death to my happy childhood TV memories.

  • Craig

    Not so fast. Burton Denies “Addams Family” Report:

  • Would be lovely if Tim Burton could do some original stories again.

  • Jeffrey T. McAndrew

    IAN there is a Fraggle Rock movie being made. I don’t think there has been any mention of Vince Vaughn in it though. My one hope for this movie is that it is a musical in the spirit of the show.

    As far as a new Addams Family film being made, I say bring it on ! I love the original TV series, love Chas Addams comic strip, love the 2 movies from the 90’s, loved the “New Addams Family” tv series, and I’m really hopeful about the Broadway musical.

    I didn’t care for the 2 animated series by Hanna Barbera or the direct to video movie “Addams Family Reunion”

    Oh, and I thought the Scooby Doo meets the Addams Family episode of Scooby Doo movies was the best of the series.

  • David Breneman

    A “Where’s Waldo” movie would be great. And at the end, we’d discover that he’s been sitting in the theater the whole time. He’d never actually be in the movie, get it?

    Can I pitch story ideas, or what?

  • Jeffrey T. McAndrew

    Janet Waldo is still alive, she’s 86 and I’m fairly certain she lives in LA.

  • Rooniman

    This doesn’t look too bad, as long as Burton TRIES to keep it distinctily Adams.

    Also: Where’s Waldo? The Lorax? Thats just an apacolyse ready to happen.

  • ear vomit

    I don’t know about Tim Burton doing the Adams family. having had the opportunity to watch his last releases, I’ve been very disappointed (not to mention Johnny Depp’s). I also have a feeling that the Burton Depp on screen romance will probably continue as well, so I guess that we should be looking out for Gomez “Johnny Depp” Adams when the film reaches the screens *sigh*.