“Evolution” by Dirty Puppet “Evolution” by Dirty Puppet

“Evolution” by Dirty Puppet

Australia’s coolest boutique design/animation studio Dirty Puppet recently created this unusual rectangle-shaped piece, commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne, under a super tight deadline. Animation director Cameron Gough told me, “It’s designed for the odd format of the new 6 x 1 metre LED screen. Evolution is a tapestry of poetic scenes inspired by the history of the Centre’s new Hamer Hall site”.

  • Luke

    this was beautiful! who did the music??

    • Thaann Znarf

      Sounds very much like GodSpeedYouBlackEmperor..

  • Barney Miller

    Great way to start the morning:)

  • Jen

    Wow definitely hope to see more studios experimenting with this format. Can definitely lead to some excellent stuff. I also appreciate the museum seeking animation as the medium to explore its history. :)

  • Oli

    Amazing amazing stuff. Well done Cam & co. Ya bastards.

  • Stanley

    Muy bien amigos! Mexico te ama!