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Of Mice And Magic contest

Okay. You’ve lucked out! Sorry! You missed it! This is was the Cartoon Brew/Of Mice and Magic Contest I promised to post today. The first person with the correct answer to the trivia question below wins won a rare hardcover copy of OF MICE AND MAGIC autographed by Leonard Maltin. The first five correct answers to the trivia contest below will win also won a prize. The other four winners will recieve an unrelated animation DVD: Peanuts 1970s Collection Vol. 2 (Courtesy of Warner Home Video). This collection contains six classic Peanuts specials plus a new featurette: You’re Groovy Charlie Brown: a Look at Peanuts in the 1970s. (End of Plug). The trivia question is was: What studio released a cartoon short called Of Mice And Magic — and who starred in that cartoon? The contest is now officially over! We have our winners! Their names and the answer to the question is in the comments below!

  • Chrisbo


  • William

    Famous Studios: Herman and Katnip.

  • kelly

    terrytoons mighty mouse

  • Chrisbo

    Famous, Herman and Katnip

  • William

    Sorry, wrong e-mail.

    Famous Studios: Herman and Katnip.

  • B. Janoff

    Famous Studios! Herman & Katnip.

  • Jon

    The Metro Goldwyn-mayrer cartoon studio with Jack Mercer

  • MGM. Tex Avery. Do I win?

  • Tory

    Famous Studios Herman and Katnip

  • That would be Famous Studios
    featuring Herman and Katnip.

  • Famous Studios, 1953. HERMAN & KATNIP

  • Tristan

    katnip famous studios

  • metro-goldwyn-mayer

  • Famous Studios – Herman, Katnip, and Louise

  • Jon

    comment edit spell check error
    The Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoon Studio with Jack Mercer

  • Here’s my guess:

    Harvey Films, Inc starring Herman and Katnip?

  • Rene Lopez

    It was released by Famous Studios, and it starred Herman and Katnip.

  • Chrisbo

    That’ll teach me to read the whole thing first!

  • Chuck Hensey

    Famous Studios with Herman and Katnip

  • Roberto Severino

    Famous studios! Herman and Katnip. 1953. Damn. I’m too late. Oh well.

  • Contest over! William wins the first prize; Crisbo, B. Janoff, Tory and Brad win the Peanuts DVD. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered. Believe it or not, the book actually got its title from that cartoon… Go Herman and Katnip!!!

  • Eric

    Famous Studios
    Jack Mercer?

  • The book is better than the cartoon. Not a bad cartoon, but a great book. Congratulations to Leonard on the anniversary (and you too, Jerry…great research work)

  • Christopher Cook

    Curious that Leonard Maltin took the name from a cartoon made by a studio he was harshly critical about in the book. But, c’est la vie.

  • David Breneman

    It is a great name, but Herman and Katnip sucked. There was some creepy, sadistic stuff making it onto the screen in that series.

  • top cat james

    “Believe it or not, the book actually got its title from that cartoon…”

    “Hmmm, that sounds logical.”